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Back to Eorzea

(^ Image above is a random painting I did inspired by the game)

I'm pretty that sure no one will ever read this, but I'm finally back in FFXIV, I played WoW for half a year after my friends quit and changed games but honestly it just made me miss Final Fantasy 14.

Things I missed about this game:

The progression of story and expansions, the amazing community, and the early dungeons actually requiring roles more (Tank,heals,dps) from the beginning. There was just too much toxicity and many players from my experience in WoW were less than friendly, and I just felt no attachment to my characters.Not that it wasn't fun, but it just wasn't FFXIV.

To be honest I've developed a bit of carpal tunnel, but this games 2.5 second global cool down is way better on my fingers, and I really enjoy the fight mechanics.
I really missed this game, and maybe I'll keep blogging here if anyone can relate or cares, but even if I never see my old friends again; or if I met you in game and we parted ways.Then maybe i'll see you again someday, if not, thanks for everything, and I wish you the best in life.

I'm a pretty big introvert, I spent most of my life moving from foster home to foster home, but Mmorpgs allowed me to have a social life, and to be even be more outgoing in the virtual world, even if I had to move away from friends I met each year, it didn't matter where I live in these worlds..
I've enjoyed every experience I've had in this game, like how someone waited after a dungeon in the beginning to teach me things, or the variety of people that used to be in our FC, even if I never see them I hope they're doing well,I forget none of my interactions, and cherish these experiences

This game has done a lot to help me get over my anxiety and depression, and has helped me get through rough times in the real world, so it's somewhere I'll always come back to :)
Anyways, I'm happy to be back, it kinda feels like being away from home for a while and finally returning. Eorzea will always be my home, and I'm happy to be a part of this wonderful community..
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Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Welcome back! I'm glad you can find solace in this game, it's a bit of a haven for me too. I hope you enjoy yourself!

Magnus Majere

Zalera (Crystal)

thanks! you as well
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