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I just can't do it (Thoughts on multiple roles)

I have been playing this game for a couple years now and I have been a Warrior the whole time.
I consider myself an excellent Warrior as I put time into this role everyday (with a bit of crafting & gathering on the side).
Recently I started thinking about starting a white mage class and have been thinking about it for days.
However, I just can't do it.
I go to the receptionist in Gridania and talk to the npcs and then I leave without accepting the role.
I can't play like a healer, I don't want to be level 1 again, I don't want to not tank a dungeon.
I don't want to become rusty at warrior.
I could see myself trying to tank the dungeonnas a healer cause it would feel so natural, much to the confusion of my party.
People say It will help me be an ever better warrior if I know what healers have to go through but I disagree.
As long as I do my job well it doesnt really matter what they do.
I think after many years of playing warrior only, it's too late for change.
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Midhuri Dheo

Sargatanas (Aether)

[note : I'm not an expert healer but really like the job]

but you are missing the fun parts of the job:
like adrenalin rush and/or having your heart rate jumps to 150 because you see the Tank's health bar depleting at the speed of light, or because the Tank starts running and aggro'ing the whole dungeon

I think WHM is the healer job with the less DPS capabilities so you might try either SCH or AST if you want to tank a dungeon

Sahara Silverheart

Twintania (Light)

It will take time for your mind to allow for another role to populate it(the best way I can explain that). I went through the same thing when I went WHM -> DRK, after being in the healer role across several games for close to 12 years at the time.
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