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Heavensward And Onward

So i recently finished the main story for Heavensward and i thought it was amazing! I really love the cold, cosy feel ( and sound ) of Ishgard. The soundtrack to this expansion is fantastic, thanks to Square Enix i am now listening to " The Eternal Slumber " ten times a day ( at least ) on Spotify.

I really hope the end game content between now and Stormblood isn't too long. It took me a long time to finally get to Heavensward after finishing A Realm Reborn. But hey, i just love this game, so i'm having a nice time.

I'm new to MMO's and i feel that i have days where i think " i suck at this game " and i'm ready to quit, but then something like an awesome Roulette party happens, or i find something new about the game that i love and i think " Ahh, i may suck at times, but i love this World ".

So yeah, Heavensward and Onwards!

If you see me say hey! :D
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