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Fishing Log 10 - Culinary Edition

I've been looking through a lot of recipes lately and have been crafting up a bit of storm- maybe more like a small tornado that only gets dirt everywhere and doesn't touch a shingle on a roof. Regardless! I put together a list of fish I needed to catch (and haven't caught before- I bought some that I've already had in my log) and a myriad of other ingredients for the rest of the recipes.

In the Sea of Clouds, ironically, in the Coerthas Central Highlands- I caught the Cloud Cutter I was searching for on my first attempt! The Dagger Soup it went into was amazing!

In Lower La Noscea, at Oschon's Torch, I caught 4 Tiger Cod, 4 Moraby Flounder, 4 Rothlyt Oyster (which will be used for a recipe later), and 1 new Silver Sovereign! Of course, I caught my main mark, 1 Mahi-Mahi- so that was two new fish for the log!

I headed back to the South Banepool in Coerthas Western Highlands, not intending to catch a Magic Bucket, which is fine, because I didn't. I needed 3 Seema Patrician for Royal Eggs( need multiple for levequests), and I caught those, along with 2 Ice Faerie, 4 Fanged Clam (also for another recipe), 5 Ammonite, 5 Mountain Kraken, 2 Lake Urchin, and 2 Abalathian Smelt.

Next, I aimed to explore more of the Dravanian Forelands, and started at The Iron Feast to catch a Pipira Pira. I caught 4 and 2 Dragonhead.The Iron Feast is at the top of a waterfall, so I headed below to also see how I'd fare. The Hundred Throes is the fishing hole that the water falls into, and I caught 2 Grass Carp. I waded through the fog down the river that the waterfall flows into, the Whilom River, and caught 2 more Pipira Pira and a Three-lip Carp!

Lastly, I headed to The Slow Wash in the Peaks to try my hand at catching a Charred Char. I failed this endeavor, but I picked up 1 Idle Goby, 1 Invisible Crayfish, 4 Death Loach, 3 Gyr Abanian Trout, and 3 Rapid Jumpers... all new fish! Not a bad haul.

12 new fish for the log!
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This character has been deleted.

Fish lyfe! \o/ don't worry the bucket will come for you when the bucket is ready. mofo bucket took too many hours >.> sry. bad memories.
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