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Alestrae- Of Wings, Claws and Tales (Entry 9)

You may remember from an earlier entry I said my family would fall over laughing at the idea of me ‘working’.

Well.. Mr Mutamix inspired me like he did his friends. So here I am working.. Well, attempting to. The guild master of the Leatherworkers is, so far, the most acid tongued, sneaky and cynical person I have met. She is rarely satisfied, but I suppose by expecting the best, she gets the best.

Grrr… can’t stand being in her workshop anymore! I’m going to go and shoot something… I’ve really neglected my archery, so I hope I can still hit the target. This lovely but highly strict lady is the guildmaster.
She reminds me a little of Mother.

These two are the ones in charge of my training
, and this is our first mission as a three. We got ambushed by a notorious poacher, the very one we were trying to chase down.

I have never had to dodge so many arrows in my life. I was doing my best not to get hit anywhere painful.

After this, I decided to take a long airship to Ul’dah. I needed bars for so many of my recipes, that first I had to start by collecting the Ore.. Which meant the Miners Guild. Say Hi to their guildmaster.
She seems to be having issues with this guy.
And my poor bones are ringing.

So why on earth did I choose to go here to the Pugilists Guild.. I figured the toughening of my hands from mining would be good for punching. Eek! Why does changing jobs change my clothes. And in front of this old … goat to boot.
Even worse.. he’s the guildmaster.

I took my newly discovered hands out into the worlds of Ul’Dah to see if I could find trouble. I mean, people to help, and there were plenty of folk needing a hand. Like this lovely lady at the Silver Bazaar.
She was being plagued by this guy
, and it didn’t take much to send his lackeys packing.

After this, I decided to make an appearance at the rally, I mean remembrance celebration for Ul’dah. I don’t much like Raubahn’s talk of glory and wealth. If I was going to fight for anyone in this place. I’d fight for the Sultana.

Then of course, the last to visit was Gridania
, where I worked some more on my carpentry, and began to learn how to use a lance to the greatest effect. They are being plagued by this man, Foulques
, who believes his methods are superior to the guild.

Now to really speed things along, I hit some metal for fun and profit
, and finally joined a grand company
, encountering Garlean troops in open battle for the first time. They were trying to steal a new breed of airship
and more importantly recover the engineers
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