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[5.2x] last climb pre-ARR flight

Today supposed to be a "not-XIV" game day after finishing a grueling 2 weeks of diadem hellgrind for my DoL achieves, but without much to do, I logged in anyways and jumped around town a bit.

A few weeks ago, this meetup was tweeted, so I wanted to see if the picture could be replicated. I think the method differed slightly as we ended up climbing trees instead of tent flaps in some places.

We managed to make it up a bit higher too, but the roof on that final tower too slippery, result in a long fall into the water ;_;

MLN alternate exit:
This1 my spot so I think ok to share it, as tomorrow likely defunct.
Most of these fence pillars are weak.

Limsa market a few months ago:
I think that was the day Jenova ppl had come to play~

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