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Ramuh (Elemental)

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It was good time with a foreigner!

* warning: this is the second time to write diary in English in my life X(
I could not stop to write this diary due to good experience. I am Japanese, you can guess from this diary. Because, there are a lot of poor English.

I met a good foreigner in the ... well... yes, 教皇庁( I could not translate that)
I am sleepy, so it was hard to remember where I tried.

And, after cleared that, the foreigner requested me to be a friend.

I could not write down the emotion when I see that. There were only happy.

I accepted as fast as I can, and we talked a little time.

That was too short to talk with him, but I really excited it.

He have the great kindness, so he could understand my poor English. I cant believe that, you think that too? I guess that there ware no person who understand my English.

He said the Japanese players do not communicate with foreigners.

I know that very much... but, I want him know that there are many persons who want to talk with you. (as you know me.)

I wanted to talk with him more time, but, I think he didn't know, it is 3 am at my timezone. haha.

But, we already be friend, so if I find him next time, I will talk with him.

I wish him to read this diary written by poor English.

And, I wish him to write some comments, especially, how about as you feel?

Today, I drunk too much, so I am going to bed.

Good night!!
Thank you so much for really good time!
Comments (10)

Very Small

Balmung (Crystal)

What a lovely story :)

Sary Tk

Ramuh (Elemental)

日本人のよろしくお願いします !お疲れ様でした!っていうコミュニケーションは物足りないというか疑問に思うのかもしれないねー。


Miko Topfield

Gungnir (Elemental)

It was good encounter for you!

I'm Japanese. I can't speak English well too. lol
I also have an English speaking friend.
I suffer from time differences and language problems.
But they are always friendly. :)
I also want to talk to them a lot, but I'm not good at answering because I use Google Translate
(I use Google Translate now. lol)


教皇庁は「The Vault」です。

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

How sweet! I hope your post reaches your new foreign friend. Greetings from NA ^^

Syuh Juhcco

Ramuh (Elemental)

To: Ms. Small
Thank you! I became ashamed when I read your comment XD

To: Topfield-san
I am happy because I found you who have same thinking.
Let's study English together.

To: Ms.physails
I hope that too.
And, I surprised that my diary was read by NA player!
The loadstone is incredible!!

ちなみに今回の会話のきっかけは、タンクに「mbad」って言われて、「どういう意味だ??」となったからなんだけど、これは「my bad」の略だろうですよ

Grymgeim Eifabyrtwyn

Exodus (Primal)

Very sweet :) HiHi from NA!

Celbrean Pathos

Ultros (Primal)

I used to live in Japan, so I know what it's like to try to understand a completely foreign language!!! I'm excited to hear you had such a wonderful experience! I believe the only way to learn a language is to practice a language! I'm so excited about your wonderful journey. Have a great time, and I hope to read more soon!

Momengo Sama

Spriggan (Chaos)

This is a nice story! I guess the cultural difference sometimes get in the way. Just a guess!

Phluxxed V-

Tonberry (Elemental)

To: Syuh Juhcco

Your English is very good and very easy to understand! I love Japan, and I am in Australia so timezone will not be as bad. Please send me a message if you would like to talk in English! I am on Tonberry server but that's okay!



Please excuse my poor Japanese!

Nicholas Knight

Kujata (Elemental)

Cultural and language difference aside, we all play the game happily ^_^

Hope you have a good experience with english player. There may be bad but there is still good and kind players around. Have a pleasant day ahead.
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