Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

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Eidolon-Table of Content-Heavensward

Eidolon Origins-Table of Content-A Realm Reborn



The Old Ways
Dragons, Woodsmen and Sailors
The Heaven's Ward
Meeting with the Count
Awaiting Judgement
No Luck Required
Old Friends
Snake in the Stones
War Beckons
How to Break a Heart
Scions Rebirth
The Syndicate, The Bull, and the Sultana
Follow the Atheric Flow
Calling of Eikons
Sins of the Father
Lights Judgement
The Vault
Lightning Strikes!
A Knights Duty
Fires of Destruction
The Lifestream Dweller
The Hermit
The Father
Living the Dream
Chaos Incarnate
Desert Rose
Heavens Forward
Heavens Forward-Bonus

Leader of Scions
Harken unto Darkness
Umbral Static
Origins of a Rebel
Lost and Found
New Wounds and Old Scars
Peace of Mind
Plan Ahead

A Waning Light
The Antecedent
Mending Trust
Battle of Champions
Slumbering Wyrm
The Wyrm of Hatred
The Dragons Lair
Foe or Friend?
The Fiend

Calm before the Storm
The Dragonsong War Part 1
The Dragonsong War Part 2
The Dragonsong War Part 3-Epilogue

One War Ends, Another Dawns.
Quickie:Evil Stirs in the Dark
Relearning the Basics!
Ghost in a Shell
Knights of the Round
Nightmares Paradise Part 1
Nightmares Paradise Part 2
Eastern Winds

The Price of Action
Quicky-Dark Plans in motion
A Trap Triggered
Eye for an Eye
Prepare for Trouble
Planned Chaos
Over the Edge

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