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Diabolos (Crystal)

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Eidolon-Stormblood-Table of Content

Stormblood Preview-

Preparing for War-
Welcome Home-
Blades of Defeat-
A Divided Conquest-
Unexpected Exploits-
The Realm of Light: Part 1-
The Realm of Light: Part 2-
The Realm of Light: Part 3-
Hear, Feel, Think,-
Enemy at the Gate!-
Through Enemy Eyes-
The Cost of Preservation-Part 1-
The Cost of Preservation-Part 2-
Eclipse of Six-
A Long Night:Part 1-
A Long Night:Part 2-
The Hollowed: Part 1-
The Hollowed: Part 2-
The Hollowed: Part 3-
Shadows of Light-
Knight to Bishop-
Old Scars-
The Troll of the Bridge-
Ashes to Ashes-
Those Whom Walked Before-
Battle of Amber-
Cannon Fire-
Disguised Defeat-

Prelude to Shadowbringers.
Path to Darkness Part 1:
Path to Darkness Part 2:
Path to Darkness Part 3:
Path to Darkness Part 4:
Path to Darkness Part 5:
Path to Darkness Part 6:
Path to Darkness Part 7:
Path to Darkness Part 8:
Path to Darkness Part 9:
Path to Darkness Part 10:
Path to Darkness Epilogue
Echoing Changes
Shaken Resolve
The Wolf and Rose
The Uninvited
The Calling Part 1
The Calling Part 2

Sophia Wynter Revisited:

#1: Blinding Light
#2: Sight in Light
#3: Worthy
#4: The Training Years
#5: The Gladiator
#6: The Spoiled Prince
#7: Shadows of the Thirteenth
#8: An Acolyte of Vengeance
#9: The Lady of Light
#10: Bloodlines-Part 1
#11: Bloodlines-Part 2
#12: Bloodlines-Part 3
#13: A Flicker of Red

The Mad King- Part 1

Claire Melody- The Wanderer
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