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Eidolon- Prelude of Shadows #9

Mahdi lead us through the shroud, which was far different then last traversed. We made our way into the eastern shroud as he lead us to the moogles. Most of the moogles remained unhindered by the black rose, to our surprise. Apparently Mahdi had been working with them to keep the shroud under control. The elementals being as angered as they were, there was no telling the level of danger they brought in.

Likely, this was the reason for the lack of mortal life within. Many different sprite elementals now roamed through the shroud. Several moogle guards remained at the gate to there lands, fending off elemental sprites as they came close. We arrived outside there gate and dismounted. To my shock and happiness, one of the moogles quickly floated beside me and nudged at my face.

"Moggy?!" I asked excited to see her as she danced around me and floated down to Senna.

"Theres two of you now kupo!" She stated, just as excited as I was. Kneeling down, I held Senna around her waist and smiled big.

"This is my daughter Senna. She's the cutest isn't she?"

"Cute Kupo is cute kupo!" She danced around us for a moment in the air as I stood up and followed Mahdi and Fal into the moogle home. Within, we found King Mog sitting upon a throne of sorts. Apparently the moogles from the sky had relocated to the shroud to help there cousins in such trying times.

"King Mog, I believe you know the Esper and Fal." Mahdi stated as he walked beside the moogle whom now looked to us.

"Good to see such familiar faces Kupo! If you are the esper of tales kupo, we could use your help against the sylphs popo." he stated to me which made me wonder futher what had happened with the sylphs.

"I watched over them for five years, with the aid of the moogles. What has happened to the sylphs?" I asked, now worried as the moogle lowered it's pom pom and head in sadness.

"The sylph popos mostly fell to the effects of the poison. We moogles are not affected by such kupo. The sylph popos live off the land however kupo. The remaining have summoned there primal Ramuh, kupo. This Ramuh is not made properly kupopo. He is an entity of hatred and destruction." The moogle king seemed upset by the thought. Mahdi chimed in after he was done talking.

"Ramuh Sin is what I have come to call him. Being that of a primal myself, I have spoken with him at length. The Ramuh we knew before was one of fair judgement and trial. He believed in the betterment of man. The crystals and sacrifice of dead sylphs however which were used to summon him this time were corrupted. The sylphs themselves have dwindled in number, and have all become corrupted and tempered by there god." Mahdi shook his head, crossing his arms as he walked to my side.

"You help me destroy Ramuh, I help you destroy the summoner. The Shroud and the elementals may finally return to a state of peace." He stated keeping his eyes upon me for an answer.

"I don't know if I can do that. Ramuh helped me a lot in my time living here." I stated as Mahdi shook his head, stopping me from my thought process.

"Ramuh asked you to watch over his children. He is now there greatest threat. It's time to put him down." I sighed to him, knowing he was right but not wishing to admit it. I glanced to Senna and thought that I should probably leave her with the moogles.

"She comes with." Mahdi stated before I could even decide.

"Excuse me? She's My daughter, I don't intend to put her through that."

"She's immune to the tempering, she can help us find him, and she can weaken him. She comes with." Mahdi stated, cold as he could before walking past me, headed out. Fal tapped my shoulder to calm me before I did something rash.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine, I'll keep an eye on her too." He nodded to me, and I sighed, looking down to her as she seemed to be having fun with the moogles.

"Okay..." I stated, rather spiteful, but knowing Mahdi was likely correct.


Traveling further into the forest, we soon found ourselves in the remains of the sylphlands. This was the favored area for Ramuh Sin apparently. Mahdi assured me, it would not be us who found him, but he whom found us. The sylphlands were dying and covered in thorns and weeds. As if the land itself was now a barbed weapon to any whom walked in. Fal and I left our chocobos back at the old sylph home so they would not harm there feet. Senna road on Sleipnir while Mahdi walked with us. He stopped, lifting his head to notice a stormcloud over them.

"Jump away." He stated as we all jumped back, a bolt of lightning pierced the ground, booming us even further back, to the ground. Senna held onto the horse, unphased as Ramuh materialized in front of her. He floated down toward her and looked upon her for a long while.

"Thy darkest of children walkith myne path and darest to harm MY CHILDREN!?" He sparked lightning at her, making her cringe backwards only for it to spark into the ground near by.

"Spawn of Darkness, you shall be destroyed!" He stated in anger as he went to attack her again. I quickly shot him through the head, which made him glare toward me.

"Ramuh stop this!" I stated in anger as I stood from my kneeling position.

"This is not you. You are the primal of judgement, not judge and executioner."

"Protector of my children, you failed in your charge and they now lay dead upon the grounds you stand. You are not worthy to remain in this land or another! You DARE bring a spawn of darkness to MY Domain! You shall be judged as well!" He angrily shouted as he slammed his staff to the ground, shocking all of us till we knelt again. Turning his attention to Senna whom Sleipnir had quickly rushed away with. He immediately appeared before them in a flash of lightning and grasped her by the neck, pulling her off the horse.

"I Shall destroy you Child of Darkness. No one shall ever suffer you again." He stated as he held her by the neck. She screamed out "MUMMY!" holding onto his arm with hers until his grip loosened.

"" Ramuh asked in shock as he fell to his knee, weakened. He released Senna from his grip, and she fell to the ground, holding her throat as I rushed to her side.

"How did she do it? What has she done?!" Ramuh asked, horrified as he felt too weak to even stand. I glanced to Senna, whos eyes were sparking with lightning and raised my eyebrows as I realized what she had instinctfully done.

"She absorbed his power. He is weakened." I said as I remained at her side, soothing her because she was scared. Fal and Mahdi rushed to Ramuh, slashing him several times to keep him down. I teared up a bit as I held my gun up and aimed at his head once more.

"I am sorry Ramuh." I stated in dismay as I release several bullets from my gun. His body dematerialized and the sylphlands covered in thorns began to wither into dust.

"Save them... Save my children." Ramuh stated as his aether dispersed before our eyes. There was nothing left to save in his wake, the last of the sylphs died long before we arrived. Likely sacrificed to keep him materialized in this world. A sadness overcame me, but I held onto my daughter whom was still scared. She now had to learn how to harness the power of Ramuh and unfortunately she was afraid of it.

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Ember Cinder

Faerie (Aether)

Harness the power of the glorious beard.

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Great read Esper <3 Poor little Senna being so frightened.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

The real question to ask is how did mahdi know she would be able to weaken him?! Muhaha

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

for i am all knowing! mwahaha

great chapter!

Skan Winternight

Diabolos (Crystal)

I am wanting moar! Great read Esper!
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