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Eidolon- Prelude of Shadows #10

We camped for the night within the old Hawthrone Hut. Mahdi was not particularly happy over it, being incapable of sleeping any longer. Yet, I refused to go further for the moment in order to let Senna rest. She was still very scared from the attack from Ramuh. Wondering why he went after her over anyone else.

She fell asleep rather quickly when we arrived. The housing still stood, though with much overgrown moss around the outside. I moved her bangs a bit as I sat beside her, looking upon the glowing red mark upon her forehead which her bangs often covered. The heart shape of it made me know clearly where her origins lay. Solus somehow brought her essence from the world of darkness.

All I knew I could do from the moment she was born, was to try and give her a good life. Perhaps to quell the monster Solus intended her to be. Or perhaps I knew no matter what she became, I would always love her. Even now, I would do anything, sacrifice all, just to make sure she would be safe. My mind stopped wandering upon the subject, and quickly upon her, how cute she looked sleeping as she held the cait sith doll to her chest. Fal gently moved her hair from her eyes while she slept. He looked to me in a bit of disappointment.

"I could not protect her. I'm sorry for that." He stated lowering his ears in a bit of a fit.

"No one could. How could we have predicted Ramuh would act that way toward her?" I asked, in order to quell his thoughts upon the matter.

"Because of whom she is, favored child. You know her origins. You know she is bound to make others uneasy. Even I can not help but think her existence is a bad omen upon us." Mahdi stated, as he moved toward the door.

"What ever she may become will be her choice Mahdi. No one else." I said, slightly angry at his lacking worry for her.

"Let's not talk about this. You can not be objective because she is your daughter. I can see the darkness that lay within." Mahdi stated as he walked outside, shutting the door behind him as he guarded us quietly the entire night. Dawn would come sooner then any of us wanted. I gently rubbed my finger across Sennas forehead. She moved a bit, slowly opening her eyes.

"Come on sweetie, we need to get going."

"Okay.." She said, tired as she rubbed at her eyes. Leaning up, she yawned a bit and stood up with Fal beside her. He helped her out of the old building and upon my chocobo as I followed close. Mahdi was waiting for us, though he seemed to be staring at the sunrise as I approached.

"Something odd?" I asked concerned as he kept his eyes upon the horizon.

"It's been a long time since I last saw the sun. Ramuh kept the lands shrouded in clouds and lightning." he stated as he turned his attention toward Senna whom had gotten off the chocobo and was petting Sleipnir. A smile formed upon his face, though he attempted to hide it.

"About what I said of her last night. Everyone has light in them, including your daughter. Hers is quite powerful to be honest."

"Maybe you should tell Her that." I stated to him, trying to make him feel some sort of guilt. His emotions were for the most part missing due to his primal status however. He walked up to her and Sleipnir, leaning down and helping her up to his mount. She smiled as Sleipnir began to walk beside him with her on him. Fal gently walked beside them on his mount as I walked with my chocobo beside them.

It took us a few hours to travel to the south shroud. The moogles seemed to have a party of guards standing by near camp tranquil. They watched over the land, trying to fend off voidsent as much as possible. We made our way to Amdapor which was now infested with voidsent. Upon our arrival we were quickly greeted by several imps blocking the path.

Strangely however, they did not attack us. They stopped flight upon seeing us, and went to the ground, bowing as if to greet us. Senna held my hand with her left, while she held her cait sith doll close to her. She looked down to the imps and smiled a bit.

"They're cute!" She proclaimed, excited, as she pulled forward to try and kneel beside them.

"Hi!" She stated toward one whom kept it's head down, refusing to look up to her as it shook a bit.

"They're bowing to her." Mahdi stated aloud toward me as I glanced around to see a line of voidsent bowing down the entire pathway.

"That does not inspire..." I stated as I leaned down and picked Senna up, placing her upon my shoulders as we began to walk down the pathway. She looked down toward everything, curious while we made our way through. Even some of the biggest voidsent were bowing toward her while Mahdi and Fal kept there weapons at the ready. The path to the depths of Amdapor were filled with voidsent. There presence changed the very elements within to reflect.

Even the former light elementals were turned to darkness. Walking till we reached the bottom platform, we looked on toward the canopy which was sealed. A deep voice echoed around us as we looked on.

"That I would be graced with the presence of the queen. I must be quite lucky." It stated as the conopy twisted till the opening appeared. We cautiously approached, walking into the circular area until stopping in the very middle. Darkness corruption seemed to seep from the very walls as we glanced around the empty area. Finally a portal opened over us and the summoner voidsent appeared. It's body seemed frail with brown crisp skin as it seemed to be floating, sitting with its legs crossed. The mouth was almost beak like as it looked on with its darkened eyes.

A smile formed upon its face, almost reaching the twist of its horns which strolled down it's back and up at the tips.

"So tiny. I wonder if she knows the level of power she commands." It stated, keeping it's blackened eyes upon Senna the entire time.

"Mummy, he's kind of scary." Senna stated as she kept her eyes upon him. Suddenly the mark upon her head began to glow red and she reached up to hold her head in pain.

"Ahh... My head.... mummy...." She faintly stated as she passed out. Slumping over upon my head, I quickly moved her to my arms and held her.

"Senna wake up!" I said in shock, quickly glaring up at the summoner.

"I will give her the memories she requires. Can not let a deity such as her to remain unaware of her importance." It imposed itself further as it began to float around us.

"She is ten. She does not need to know any of that right now." I stated, grasping my gun and pointing it at the summoner.

"A god has no need for age concerns. With her here, finally after all these centuries, this world may finally fall to the darkness, the endless void. And I shall be her harbinger. The one to bring her an army. This world is ripe for the taking with so many protectors long gone."

I shot it through it's skull, but it merely shrugged off the attack, as a nearby voidsent dissolved and converted into aether, being absorbed by the summoner and allowing it to regenerate.

"I see you have chosen to disregard the obviousness of your current situation. We need the girl, not her mother and certainly not her guards." Immediately, the area became shrouded in darkness as countless voidsent seemed to appear from no where. Mahdi glanced to Fal as they both let there helmets appear upon there heads.

"Guess we start counting." Fal stated, grinning as he bore his fangs and ran up, slicing through several voidsent in a single blow.

"That's five!" He grinned as he turned around, lowering his ears a bit as he realized Mahdi had instantly made half the room dissappear in a single blow.

"I forgot to count. sorry." Mahdi stated as he continued to slash through more. I shot my gun at the summoner countless times, quickly reaching into my pocket and grasping a small explosive, tossing it at the summoner and shooting it to explode in it's face.

Despite our hard efforts, we were overrun in moments till we could not even move. Mahdi, Fal and I were forced to our knees and held down by large voidsent.

"Hmmph, I expected a bit more from the fabled, alas it must not have been meant to be." The summoner stated as it began to float away.

"Finish them, bring me the girl, she will be properly trained to become our queen-" It stopped talking as it quickly turned it's head, noticing the voidsent were quickly bowing toward Senna again. She stood up as lightning zapped from her.

"LET GO OF MY MUMMY!" She roared as lighting coarsed through the entire room, destroying most of the voidsent in a single blow as the summoner looked on confused.

"My queen, you must not attack your loyalists! We will do as you will." It lowered itself to her, holding its frail hand out to her in welcome. Senna was not completely in her right mind however. She held her hand out, and let loose a long lasting bolt of lightning which quickly destroyed the summoner and quickly it's voidsent within Amdapor. I stood up, looking to Fal and Mahdi whom seemed alright. Immediately running toward Senna whom was still giving off the electric aura around her body.

"Senna. Listen to mummy now."

Her eyes widened as she looked toward me, her power quickly shut off as if a switch had been flipped.

"Mummy? Why is my hair frizzy?" She asked confused as she noted her hair was standing up. I tried not to laugh but giggled none the less as I knelt beside her and adjusted her hair a bit.

"Do not worry about that. We will get that under control later." I held her close as she gave me a hug. The boys walked beside us as I glanced up to them and smiled a bit.

"I think it's time we go home." I stated with a firm smile upon my face. Both Mahdi and Fal seemed to agree as we made our way out of the fallen city of light.

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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

great chapter espy!

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Great read Esper <3

Skan Winternight

Diabolos (Crystal)

That was a most electrifying read there Esper! bwhahahahah
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