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Eidolon- Prelude of Shadows #11

Time is a funny thing you know... It does not matter the hardships you may have faced one day to the next. What matters is the impact you left behind. Funny to think about really for someone like me. The warrior of light existed before I was born. Yet to this day, I hear of all the amazing things they accomplished in there short time with us.

Two hundred years have passed... well... more or less, since the death of the warrior of light and most of the protectors of Eorzea for that matter. Yet here we are, still trying to climb the mountain of greatness they left behind. Our mission is to do the impossible using the impossible means we have gathered over time. Asking people such as myself to give up everything in our lives to make sure to save the fallen of a lost age now. But, we have done what we must, not just for this fabled hero, but for our world.

Without our help, Eorzea will fall to infinite darkness and void. Without the lost hero, everything is lost. Yet if we are successful, it is likely, I shall never exist.

My name is Senna. I'm a two hundred year old esper woman whom looks stuck in her twenties. Not that I am complaining, I've had quite a good life. Even should I lose my existence because of our mission, I know I lived a good long life. What more could someone like me really ask for?

Much happened in that two hundred years, obviously. Some time ago the dragons and wyrms of Dravania gathered and began to work with sky pirates to keep the skies safe. A memory that shall stick in my mind forever as I recall the massive airship in the sky with an army of dragons flying around it. They were very helpful in keeping the peace in Mor Dhona and helping us work in peace.

In my early twenties, I decided to learn more about my own power from Odin, or Mahdi as my mother called him. He taught me how to wield primal power in the form of weapons. He even taught me how to use an axe to play music! It was an interesting experience.

Fal, my mothers friend, eventually moved on with Sultana Nanemo and formed a new guardianship of sorts. A band of mercenaries whom work to protect Eorzea in the Sultanas name. They value technology and wield gunblades and side arms as there weapons of choice. Destroying most bandit territories over time and working with the Ironworks to keep themselves highly upgraded. Most within there ranks were former garleans and hrothgar, but all were allowed to join, if they valued such a life.

As Fal would become older, he found himself a beautiful roegadyn woman named Herlrael to mate with. Though when I say he found her, I should state he found her fist as it hit his face and knocked him out. Good times! But the problem with time is that it eventually takes those close to us. Fal and his wife passed on nearly one hundred years ago, living there lives to the fullest together and having gave birth to there son. There son would eventually have a daughter miqo'te with greenish tint skin, blonde hair and white highlights.

Lunaire was her given name from stories from his father. She followed the footsteps of her grandfather, now baring his blade and leading his band of guardians in the name of the Sultana now long gone but never forgotten.

Krohman and his daughter Krehmia had long lasting lives as well. Something inherited from his family line that prolongs life. He and his daughter did not really age. However, Krohmans fur would eventually turn white as snow. His body grew slightly due to his muscles. Krehmia took over as lead Ironworks engineer, dedicating her lifes work into finishing Cids work left behind after he passed on.

Biggs the third became leader of the Ironworks guild. Dedicating his life to the same purpose as Krehmia while keeping the Ironworks flurishing with mum, and I. The small town eventually became a city for the Ironworks guild with many mechanical constructions which allowed us to do some incredible things. Peace was known through the lands for a little while. Not all would agree with our purpose obviously.

Some felt if we did anything to the time line, we would be destroying there existence and continue to try and stop us. Yet for all they have done, the evidence is still present. The black rose has never stopped destroying the land. Life on our world will end one way, or another. This way, we have some control over our future.

I stood outside the gate leading too the crystal tower with mum. She glanced over to me with a smile on her face.

"So you have it then? Krehmia will be pleased." She stated to me as I glanced to my left hand and she held up her right. An allag bracelet appeared around my left wrist as hers appeared around her right.

"The way to the tower is finally here." She said as she slowly walked up to the door and placed her hand upon it.

"Mummy, this is the start of it all isn't it? The beginning of the end?" I asked, keeping my hand to my chest for a moment as she glanced to me with her glowing blue eyes.

"Yes." She said quietly, trying not to think about it, clearly. I walked to the left door, placing my hand upon it as both doors began to glow light blue and forced open to reveal the crystal texture designs within.

"And so the end begins. I hope you are ready." Mum stated to me and I smiled a bit, shaking my head back and forth.

"I'm ready. For whatever may come next, I am prepared." I tapped at my side where my cait sith doll was held upon my belt. Several new stitchings within it were required but, I kept it together for two hundred years.

"Where is Mahdi?" Mum asked looking to me curious

"Uhhh.... Odin? He is busy leading some moogles through the forest. I'm sure he will be interested in hearing about this as well.

I walked into the tower as my mum followed.

"So.... what do we do now?" I asked her as she began to walk down the long road of sorts before us.

"We find the keeper of the tower. He must be somewhere within." She stated as she began to walk up the steps. I followed close by as we made our way into a small area beside the stairs.

"What is this place?" I asked her as a door slid open and revealed to us several empty containers. She glanced around for a few moments as I walked around. My eyes widened as I saw two people in different containers, floating within them, a miqo'te man and a lalafell man.

"Mum!" I shouted as she rushed to my side. Her jaw dropped at the sight of the lalafell and she slowly walked up to the container, placing her hand upon it. I walked up to the container with the miqo'te in it and placed my hand upon it.

"This must be the keeper you spoke of. Who is that then?" I asked as she kept her eyes up to him, still smiling.

"Master Denz, the Starweaver."

Comments (7)

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

and here we go!!!!
SHB here we come!

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Shadowbringer begins

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Great read. Can't wait for the next. <3

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

^^ ❤️❤️ The prelude is almost done, but I assure you, the last few chapters shall be great yus yus

Skan Winternight

Diabolos (Crystal)

/em sets several very loud air horns around Denz's container, ready to press them all at once to wake him up! Bwhahahaha!

Great read Esper!!

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

LOL!!! Skan. XD
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