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Eidolon-Prelude of Shadows #12

I sat down beside the lalafell man my mum called Master Denz as he took a long puff from his strange pipe. He looked onward to what I was told was his former home. He looked to it, adjusting his shades a bit and shook his head.

"You think someone would have at least taken care of the place while I was gone." He stated as I looked into the remains of his hermit home which was crushed under the tree it was built under.

"I'm sure it could be fixed up... bit of magic and all that." I said, quite unsure how to dismiss the awkwardness of the situation.

"No time for that. Your friends will be finished soon with the adaptations to the tower soon. I'll be coming with, as will you and your mother I suspect." He stated, far more confident then I was.

"I know who you are. We met a very very long time ago." Denz stated to me as I glanced toward him.

"We did? I don't recall in the past two hundred years.... but I guess it's possible. Memories are rather fleeting sometimes."

"No, you were far different and..."

I leaned my head sideways, rather confused by his words before he stopped talking about it.

"Nevermind. Let me just state you are a much better person now. Let's get back to the tower now and help out your friends. It will not take us too long to get the machines put together. Thank you for coming with me on my brief walk." He stated as he walked beside me.

"Yeah, I like walks. Can I ask you a question?" I asked, looking toward him as we walked through the forest which was flourishing since the elementals had calmed with Odins help.

"If you must."

"Why were you in the tower? Mummy said you went in before the battle which took the lives of many. But why?" I asked, looking to him with confusion. He stopped, tapping his staff to the ground before him.

"I was hurt beyond repair. Time, the very fabric of existence was being torn asunder within my very mind. The tower repaired my body and mind, yet, I have come to see the end of this tale, and the beginning of another."

"Right then..." I said, rather confused but none the less, I enjoyed his company as we made our way back to Mor Dhona. Several months had passed since mum and I opened the doors to the crystal tower. Krehmia and her father were busy with mum and I building within the bottom of the tower with Biggs for many years now to create its teleportation properties. Utilizing the dimensional technology between the Omega weapon and combining it with the crystal towers strange portal technology used previously to open a portal to the world of darkness. With Master Denz' insight, we were able to combine the primal Alexanders technology to utilize time travel.

He gave us a rather big warning however upon the use of time travel. It would be likely that this would be a one way trip no matter what we intended to do. Even should we wish to return, it would be impossible as the timeline would be gone. Not that we were left with much choice in the matter. The Keeper of the Tower was contempt with the plan and he was to take over leadership once awakened.

Still, he was busy currently traveling through the forgotten cities with mum. There was much he desired to catch up on and little time for him to do so. Apparently he was a friend to the fabled Warrior of Light before he closed the doors to the tower. Due to my ability to absorb primal energies, I was to come along for the ride and rid this "first" of its light problem. This way, we would be able to forestall the death of the warrior of light.

I was not entirely certain how it all worked but, apparently calamities only happen when the other worlds connected to ours are destroyed. It seemed rather strange to me but, I was not meant to be an expert in the matter. Merely follow orders and do what needed to be done. My attention was diverted from my thoughts as Odin appeared beside us, upon his noble steed Slepnir. Gently I pat the nose of the horse whom bowed it's head to me happily.

"Hello Mr. Odin!" I stated with a glee as he trot beside us.

"Good day, child of primals. How fares the work upon the tower?"

"Surprisingly fast to be honest. The fabled moment is coming faster then I had ever imagined. Everyone is putting there all into finishing. I should have expected this really, many have been trained since they were children to work upon the conversions." I stated as Denz walked slightly ahead, not wishing to discuss the matter further it seemed.

"I doubt I'll ever understand that lalafell." I stated, crossing my arms as I walked beside Odin now.

"A man whom has lived countless years, even to him, is likely to have demons within that can not be quelled by mere chatter." Odin stated as he stared to the Starweaver intently.

"Never forget, if it comes between you and saving the timeline, he will not pick you. Logic is his only true ally after so many years of living in solitude." Odin stated, showing the cold hard truth of the matters ahead. He did not seem like a bad person. Yet, someone whom hides there eyes so much, unless they be blind, often mean to stop any from reading them. One can truly see the life someone has lived, merely by a long glance in the eyes they bare.

We made our way back to Mor Dhona and quickly headed to the tower basement. Upon arrival, I noticed Krehmia bent over, using a torch to melt metal to something. Uncle Kroh was in the back, moving some rather heavy things for her. Biggs was studying the blue prints closely as we approached.

"Need anymore muscle?" I asked playfully as Krehmias ears bobbed up and down from my voice.

"No no, from what I've heard, you should be resting for the big work ahead! The entire plan seems to have fallen upon your shoulders after we've finished." Krehmia stated as she smiled, turning off her torch before she stood up and walked up to me, hugging me.

"I'm sure you could come with if you really want too." I said to her, still trying to get her to come with on the journey ahead. Not only was it that we would likely require her assistance, but I could really use the company of my closest friend.

"Nah. Time travel and travel... is all a bit too wonkey for me. Besides, who else could stay here and make sure things dont go the way we think they will? For all we know our existence could be set in this timeline, and leaving it could cause things to spiral out of control!" She stated, smiling as her goggles moved slightly from her cheeks. She quickly pushed them up to her hair, wiping off some soot before she moved her tail up between us, holding a small locket upon it.

"There is one thing you could do for me." She stated with a big smile on her face.

"What is that?" I asked looking to it as I grasped it from her tail.

"It's a locket my dad gave me. Said it was mums and that she wanted me to have it when I grew up. I replaced the pictures inside with some pictures of me you see... I was hoping you could give it to her and let her know that I am doing well. Or... maybe give it to the warrior of light should you ever get to meet them and ask them to give it too her... you know what I mean right? I know she would greatly appreciate it." She stated in one breath, which made me dizzy just thinking about it.

Often Krehmia was single minded upon things while her body was busy doing several others. It was quite interesting to watch often. I held the locket in my hand for a moment before putting it around my neck.

"I'll see that it gets done. I promise." I said, confident in my words as she smiled and gave me another big hug. I knew she was crying, knowing I was going to be gone as well. Two hundred years as friends and now we would have to say goodbye. All the time she spent working on the items in the tower, made me feel like, perhaps I had more time to spend with her. Yet the day was unfortunately upon us.

After a few moments of chatting together, I noticed Master Denz was speaking to uncle Kroh. Both seemed to be having a decent time. It would not be now for our trip, yet for some reason, it all felt unreal despite the long years of work.


Esper stood with the tower guardian in the control room. She shook her head as she glanced around the room.

"I am sorry. But you know it's impossible for me to trust her." He stated as while tapping his staff to the ground, walking by.

"It is not optional. She's the only one we have at this moment whom can do the task without being destroyed by the power required to absorb. You know that to be the truth." She stated with confidence as she walked over to the door.

"If you insist, but none the less, I suggest she be kept under constant watch. She is of the Cloud of Darkness and likely bound to it's will."

"She has had two hundred years to prove herself. Put your worries to rest." Esper stated.


As everyone worked hard, the final day come. Everyone fell asleep at night, exept for Senna and Krehmia whom were spending time together one last time. The night would go swiftly, but something began stir in its endless darkness. Upon the top of the tower, where Xandes old throne remained, the dark rift tore open.

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Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Great read Esper <3

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

<3 <3 yus yus

Skan Winternight

Diabolos (Crystal)

"Wonky" bwhahahah! Another great read Esper
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