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Diabolos (Crystal)

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Icky sicky people

When did the everyday values of people go to hell?

I sit down to wait and hear someone right next to me, coughing hard, and sneezing.

Now it’s okay to be sick. However why do so many try not to quarantine themselves for a day? Go home, take a shower, go to sleep and rest. The world is still going to be here tomorrow and no one is so important they can not miss a day of running errands.

There is to consider the fact this might be something that can not wait. But even so, stay away from others in general.

I keep trying to avoid getting sick this year and have failed. The reasoning is because everyone else seems to think if they say they’re not sick, they’re not.

Hunny, a demon sounds like it is trying to rip out of your throat. You’re sick. Get it through your head! Uggggg.....

*washes hands and then sanatizes them again*

I’m not obsessive..

It gets bad like this every year. What I have noticed more and more is how disgusting older people in there 70-80-90s have become. Merely because they don’t care or don’t pay any mind to the warnings.

It’s important to get a flu shot. It’s important to stay away from others when sick. You could even go to work if you need too.... just keep gloves on and keep your cleaning stuff near by. Don’t leave your office!

But dear lord think of others before you state “I have to go to work because the place will burn down without me!” Trust me... probably won’t... it might... but probably not!

This has been an excessive thought from espy ❤️❤️
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Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I totally agree, Espy. I don't know what it is about some people, perhaps they think they are very badass by coming to work sick. I'm sure this is the RL equivalent of standing in mechanics to dps.

I have been sick 3 times this year!

I work in private tuition, and the parents send their kids to lessons even when the kids are sick, because they want to get their money's worth and not miss lessons. So, the kids learn nothing cause they are miserable, and infect me and everyone else in class.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Then, when I'm sick, I don't get any leave because I cannot find teachers to relief my class. So I infect everyone else... It's a disaster, I tell you! To make things worse, it is uncommon in my country to get flu shots, and many clinics do not even offer it. But next year I'm getting the flu vaccine for sure!

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

The worst part about the flu shot is that it helps, but there is no immunity to sick people around you. No matter what you will likely get sick still because of others.

At the least, you won’t feel most of the bads because of the flu shot however

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

im very lucky.
I never get sick. Even when my students show up for class sick, i somehow...never get sick!

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Told you Mahdi is not human ;D

To add to this, since when does sneezing into your elbow pit not become a thing learnt? Coughing into your arm area? At least PRETEND to have manners? I understand once in awhile you're going to get caught by a unexpected sneeze/cough but sheesh! And please, don't shake my hand if you just sneezed into yours, or openly wiped your running nose. I MUST shake every clients hands regardless so you can only imagine my disdain for this time of year. *steps off soapbox

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

I'm lucky that I rarely catch the coughing/sneezing type of illness anymore (let's hope I didn't jink it by saying that) but if I did... I probably would have to go to work anyway. I'm in Sig's situation, if I have a class to teach, I gotta show up and teach it or it creates a bad domino effect.

I'm definitely well-behaved though - when I'm sick I carry around my kleenex box to cover my mouth with, sanitize shared equipement, wear gloves on the bus, the whole thing! No use sharing the suckage,

Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

I'm rarely sick... when I don't go to work it is mainly because of a migraine. At the moment I'm working with the window opened and it is 0°C outside.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I had a student who coughed in my face. Well done, the flu KOed me few days later. Lol...

Yes, Lalli, that is the way! I think I take some reasonable precautions too. However, annoyingly, one thing I cannot do is wear a face mask. Students at the rear cannot hear my muffled voice.

Sorry to hear that, Yoru. If you ask me, migraine is much worse than flu etc.

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

*hugs Espy*

I really understand that frustration Esper. Many people have really forgotten all about manners and such. :( And sadly, there bosses at those workplaces that don't allow their employees take the days off if their sick or have sick children, because they then lose money. (I'm talking about the bosses here!) My oldest sister is having one of those bosses, they demand her to work almost 12 hours while she's sick and the others can take the day off. Makes me so angry! GRRR!!!

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Make sure to get your flu shot, stay warm if you are in the Northern Hemi, stay cool if you are in the Southern Hemi, and keep adventuring to stay fit!
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