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Eidolon- Early Years of the First #1

~Seventy years ago- The First timeline~

I shot a bullet through another sin eaters head, killing it on impact. Despite how many I put down, it seemed the onslaught was endless. Lakeland was suddenly swamped by the sin eaters in a matter of minutes. The Exarch stood behind the shell he raised over the small village the locals had created around the tower. The Crystarium was now surrounded and the guards were having a rough time keeping them back.

With the crystal tower, we had protection for those who reside within. The weapons we had crafted on the outside were holding off the fliers. However, this seemed like it would be the end. I shot another down and another before quickly tossing a few mines upon the ground as several giants approached. Bursting into flames as they fell to the ground, only to be replaced by more in seconds.

"Eidolon, you have to retreat!" Exarch stated over the linkpearl, worrying for me.

"Stop talking on the linkpearl unless you have anything helpful to contribute." I stated as I blasted a few more down.

"FORWARD!" A mans voice stated from afar. I could not see beyond the cliff sides around me. When a man with white hair rushed down beside me and smashed a sin eater in the face, destroying it. Beside him a young woman with blond hair gently hit the ground, slashing her blade through two sin eaters. Above us, the endless light sky was shadowed by several airships. The man stood beside me and looked me in the eyes with his white eyes.

"You're a Cetra... interesting." He stated as he studied me up and down.

"Cetra?" I asked before glancing over to the girl with short blonde hair. She turned her head and stared at me with her blank bright blue eyes and I stepped back.


"This is the Oracle of Light." The man stated as he as he rested his arms behind him. More blasts from over head forced most of the sin eaters to begin to retreat. The Oracle of Light looked to me, bowing toward me in greeting.

"I was lead here to help. General Ran'jit is in charge of Eulmore's forces." He nodded as he looked to the woman and pat her shoulder gently.

"Eulmore stands with you in protecting the people. So long as the Oracle of Light deems it." She smiled and nodded to him, and I could not help but notice an interesting bond between them. He quickly turned his attention to me as the rest of the sin eaters disappeared.

"Please, walk with us." He ordered as he turned around and off into the mountains. Minfilia followed as I adjusted my my dark blue scarf over my mouth and followed.

"I've been seeking another Cetra for many years now. The fact that you are a woman is slightly more promising then I had hoped for. You see, we are likely the last of our kind.-"

"I see where this is going, and can tell you I am not interested." I stated as I continued to follow, but gently grasped the Cait Sith doll upon my belt for comfort."

"We have an obligation." He stated, though clearly he was not entirely committed to it either.

"Have you ever had children General?" I asked, which made him stop for a moment and nodded.

"Two girls... They are gone now."

"As is my daughter. I have no love left to give and no care for our kind to live on. We already live longer lives... for us to merely see those we love overtime, die and leave us behind. Why would I wish to damn another to such a life?" I asked as he stopped, glancing to Minfilia whom bowed her head to him.

Ran'jit sighed, turning his attention back to me.

"I was not quite asking if I am to be honest. Our people are deemed guardians of Eulmore royalty. With me being the last, and you now being found, it is part of your responsibilities."

"My Responsibilities are not to Eulmore. Sorry if you think that." I stated before turning around and beginning to walk back to the Crystarium.

"You're incredibly injured. Your entire body is breaking, being held together by some unknown force to me. You know you can not really be the only protector of this place. My king ordered me to bring you back. If you refuse, then you refuse the help of Eumore as a whole."

I knelt down, placing my hand upon the purple grass while he was talking to me. I noticed blood and realized someone was injured near by.

"My answer is no. If you do not like it, then I guess you can force me. I would highly suggest against it." I stated as I followed the blood, which was now more distinct to me after noticing. Quickly I began to pick up my pace and ran off too just past the mountains. Behind a tree, I noticed a Viera laying upon the ground. She had clearly been mortally injured, an awful thought went through my mind, realizing how likely she was to be headed to us before hand. Her white hair, stained by the blood.

As I approached, I could hear something strange, crying. Before I could think, I was already at the Vieras side, touching her thigh. She was not the one crying, she was dead, likely by mere moments. Pushing her a bit, I noticed another under her. Quickly I pushed her aside to see a very young veira with white hair, stained by her mothers blood, crying in horror.

"Oh..." I was speechless as I knelt beside her, I held my hand out to her looking upon her big violet eyes.

"Come with me little one.... Let us get you to safety okay?"

"DON"T LEAVE MUMMY!" She cried out, clearly upset as I looked to her mother.

"I will not leave your mother. I will bring her with in a few moments. She would want me to make sure you were safe however yes?" Her ears folded back as she cried even harder, I quickly grasped her, picking her up and letting her hug me while I carried her. The feeling of which was almost more then I expected to ever feel again. I cared for her, and I did not mean too, it just suddenly happened. Ran'jit and Minfilia were awaiting me as I approached with the young viera in my arms.

"Are you certain I can not convince you to come with us?" Ran'jit asked very curious of me and my motives

"Honestly, I wish things were very different. I already do not like the thought of Minfilia being in your care. But I can see there is nothing I can do to change that."

Exarch walked out to us with his staff to help him walk. He glanced to me with worry upon his face, looking upon the viera in my arms.

"Perhaps we can speak more about Eumores cooperation with trades instead?" I asked as we headed back to the Crystarium.

"I am not authorized to make such decisions. But.... I will not force you to return to Eulmore with us. I will however extend an invitation to at least meet our leader. Perhaps he might be more willing to meet with you to discuss terms."

"Thank you for the assistance. It was very well timed." Exarch stated as I approached him.

"Take the girl, retrieve her mother for burial." I stated as I I handed him the young girl.

"I will go with them, meet there leader. Maybe I can get us to work together." I stated as he glanced to the little girl in his arms now.

"You think it wise? What if we alter things.."

"Techincally Exarch, that is the point." I stated as I turned to Ran'jit and Minfilia.

"Very well, I will meet with your leader to talk. Nothing more at this point however."

To Be Continued

Comments (4)

Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

Getting to know more of Espy's past in the First <3

Great start love ^^

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Great read Esper

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

good chapter espy!!

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

❤️❤️ loves yus yus :3 I thought this would make for an intriguing story to tell so, hope it turns out well. Not really planned to be too long no no
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