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Could Beastmaster work in XIV?

Hello loves!

I am going to write a story about a beastmaster based upon FFXIV soon i think. Or at least a chapter and see if I like it. But particularly it made me question what I would do to if I had the opportunity to develop it and bring it to this game.

Particularly, I am not a big fan of the Limited Job system. My design would basically not include that because I think it should be completely scrapped, but obviously it is not up to me.

How I want to design it in my story at least, is have the beastmaster become bonded with the aether of an animal, both gaining strengths from each other and fighting as a team. These strengths and abilities as well would differ by the animal.

What this really seems more like to me is a Tank job more then anything else. With cooldowns and maybe different pets to summon for different cds. Maybe even the pets sharing damage with the beast master for another cooldown.

The weapon of choice imo is a hatchet/shield combo. Maybe make the weapons more bound to the animals as well for a lore reason or another.

Any thoughts?

Let me know <3 <3

Why am I so interested in something like this? Well... monster hunter and pokemon make for a strange and fun combination imo. Looking forward to some thoughts! Consider this a way to input something to help me with some story and lore because I want to know what others think about it yus yus :3
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Pan'da Express

Adamantoise (Aether)

Due to it's nature it would have to be implemented like Smn is. Where the pet's are summoned or "called" to your side to aid. They could surround the job quest storyline around taming these creatures. The pets with certain abilities, could even make one more tanky, similar to Titan Egi, or AoE damage like Garuda etc. I personally like the concept behind limited jobs, but they excluded imo the best solo content in the game which is deep dungeon. So they missed the boat there.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

I suppose that is my problem with limited jobs as well. It just feels like it's not part of the majority of the game :/
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