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Fun Facts of XIV #4

Upon the release of ARR the game had gear specifically designed for those with tails. A few patches following, the devs decided to stop “wasting time” on such after the evenstar caster chest design irritated most Miqo’te players.
(This is why tails clip into everything now)

There is an incredible amount of pointy shoes in game. Most being caster/healer and also being repeat looks.

During end game and after ARR, gear drops in dungeons became divided by class such as caster or healer, despite being easier and better when placed together.
This could save space in game for more items.
Despite this, most items of said types look the same as each other or very similar aside from color scheme.

The most desired gear looks in game currently are ones made by fans and submitted through contests.

Despite having Many item decisions placed in game which leave many asking “what are they thinking?” the designers are often very proud of the items they have designed and tend to try and fit all types of fashion they can.

We have not had a new subligar since ARR. FFXI would be crying at this thought.

Following Heavensward first patch, we have seen less skin flashy glamour items for both men and women.

Treasure Map Areas and Deep Dungeons are likely designed as a hat tip toward Diablo games and treasure goblins. Yoshi P is a big fan of Diablo games and would have loved to work on Diablo 4.

Housing in game is not exactly the greatest design. Despite the problems of purchasing a house, you can not edit the grass on the outside, even though there are items which can cover the grass as different grass, snow or even fallen tree leaves/pedals.

In the area Yanxia there are two spots in which an auri like woman with fox ears appears. Stating she is lost and she did not mean to hurt someone. This is the mortal manifestation of the nine tail fox.

Odin can often appear in game and in trial with the face of a player. This face is usually male and can be Hrothgar now.

The only primal of the source whom had no followers left to see was Sephirot. Whom were a tree type beast tribe. We may have seen some in Stormblood areas but this has not been confirmed.
Some may also suggest tsukuyomi, did not as well. However, we merely do not know whom she was a primal of.

Of the past 2 expansions we have fought 5 primals, Three of which were summoned using items.

Alpha and his OMG minion can be found roaming the world after Omega raids are finished. Keep your eyes open.

In Shadowbringers, most may not have noticed, but both the twins, Aphinaud and Alisaie have grown slightly and there elezen bodies became slightly more defined.

Happy Friday loves yus yus!
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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

for odin...i think his face/race is dependent on who dealt the killing blow to him during the fate i believe
i assume it can be a girl character...but people say he takes the form of the last person to defeat him..cause in game lore..the primal is actually the "sword" and is always looking for the "strongest" host
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