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Yang's Story

Yellow Will: Yang Winter's short story

Yang's parents moved to the city if Ul'dah when Yang wasn't even born yet, they just wanted to leave the forest live behind and start a new life, and a whole family away from that, Yang's mom is a healer and her dad was just a merchant... Yang grew up in around books of many kinds but mostly books about adventures and some other about healing techniques, but her parents were so over protective that she couldn't even go out to school, she just educated herself in her own house... Years passed and she started applying for jobs around the world, so that could be an opportunity for her to grow and go outside... Something came up, a new Free Company that were looking for a new intern in Shirogane, that was her first time taking flight outside Ul'dah, she found her place has a healer for time to time and a secretary when the healing duty wasn't necessary... Her companions sometimes went outside to gather information or materials for projects and she wanted to go with them... They didn't want to bring a "no self defensive healer" on the field, so Yang always stayed there in the mansion just working and healing injuries from people coming from the outside... Not even a single time she went outside...

One day, they went outside and came back without injuries, everything was fine, and that kept happening over and over until one day the boss told Yang that she was not necessary anymore, the paperwork could have be done by other one and so the healing wasn't necessary...
Yang felt used and worthless, useless and so she went back to Ul'dah, where she started to work as a secretary on her father's business, but she still has a lot ...

Since then, tries to show cheerful, optimistic, and most of the time clueless, when truly she feels like she could cry anytime, still has a lot inside her that hasn't come out, she wears always yellow clothing because she wants to be warm as the sun and bright as the light, so she can hide better her pain and darkness inside of her.

That's just a short story, there are more details but basically that's it ...

In that free company she felt for the first time the warm that a family could give you, but she expected more support, more everything... Basically she felt as an slave of others people will.

I didn't want to make her story like "i lost someone special and now I am the way I am"... super cliche... I wanted to make that feel of questioning your own mindset and repeat "am I good enough? then why I cant make people satisfied?".
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Lenka Tempest

Diabolos (Crystal)

Very good story loon forward to playing with you 😁

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I give you Major kudos for NOT going the family member dying/orphan route, YAY! It is nice to see a different kind of origin, thumbs up!

Your grammar and structure needs work, but I think English is not your first language so I give it a pass.

Keep it up hon; starting is easy, keeping it going is the challenge. ;-)

Yang Winter

Coeurl (Crystal)

Haha yeah it's not my main language, even tho I try to respect the language, but thanks for the comment! Warms my heart that people actually like my story!
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