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To Begin a New Journey---

13 years and thousands of dollars spent on World of Warcraft...wasted. I can honestly say that there was a time when I thought, there is no way in hell I will ever stop playing WoW. It was everything to me. However, due to many recent, and not so recent changes to the game, my affair with WoW ended in a way that made me feel depressed, unhappy, and left a major hole in my heart full of missing and longing for that mmorpg ambiance and experience. --After years of hearing about this game, FFXIV, I figured,fuck it, WoW is going in the trash and never will be touched again(that's a promise) and there's a free trial so why not... I spent about a week playing the Free Trial and got a few classes to 30-35, tried out gathering, crafting, dungeons, and mainly just got the feel for the game. To my GREAT surprise...I actually liked it..I went to check how much it would cost to get all the expacs up to shadowbringers to see if I could catch up and yet again was EXTREMELY surprised to find that I could get everything for 30$...instantly handed over the monies...take my monies take my monies now NOW NOW! So now that I have spent another week in game and am currently at 64 on my Bard *(During my 13years in WoW, I had many maxed characters, but Hunter was my main and I had multiple maxed Hunters because I couldn't get enough.)* and am starting the Stormblood MSQ line (I was 60 before ever unlocking Foundation/Ishgard) . I do miss the lack of Addons to give a bit more control and the fact that macros are so clunky here. The latency seems to be off but I have learned to compensate by timing my actions earlier then what feels normal. Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that the hole in my heart heals and I have found new love here. This game has truly lived up to the expectations. The community is a complete 180 from what my life in WoW was like, I love the lack and VERY minimal toxicity. It made coming to this game and getting the hang of the new mechanics and strategy so easy, and welcoming. I doubt that the people who helped me thus far actually read these entries but if you do and you know who you are, thank you! Your help did much more then just helping me learn the game and find a new home. This brings me to the conclusion, I am not much of a blogger or anything of that sort, In fact, I have a Facebook but my wife updates it and I only use it as a messenger on my phone. But I think that I will be keeping a sort of "LOG" of this new exciting life I am starting in the world of Eorzea. /Salute
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Yue Lei

Siren (Aether)

I love to hear how much you enjoy the game. I've never played WoW myself, but I have some friends who've played and they've all migrated to FFXIV and love it. Glad you found a new game to enjoy ^_^
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