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Chocobo's a Guide to Chocobo's


In the world of Eorzea chocobos serve not only as a form of transportation, but also as a brave and loyal companion that will fight alongside you.

Unlocking The Chocobo Mount
To obtain your chocobo mount, you must be level 20+ and have progressed through the main story enough that you have joined a Grand Company. To unlock the mount, you need to complete the quest My Little Chocobo. In the quest, you need to purchase a Chocobo Issuance from your Grand Company Quartermaster for 200 Company Seals.
Players can obtain seals through FATEs, Grand Company Hunting Logs, Grand Company Leves and supply and provisions quests.
Players can summon their mounts by dragging and activating the mount icon from Mounts Menu.

Unlocking The Chocobo Companion
Chocobo Companions are unlocked after the completion of My Feisty Little Chocobo quest at level 30 or higher. The starting quest is acquired from an NPC named Docette, located in Camp Tranquil in South Shroud (X:17, Y:28).
You must have acquired your Chocobo Mount before you can start this quest.

You will need to use Gysahl Greens to summon your Chocobo. When summoned, your Chocobo is displayed as a party member and remains summoned for 30mins per Gysahl Green, after which it is automatically dismissed. The summon-timer is temporarily suppressed while you are in a town, in an instance, or mounted. After death or dismissal, you will need to expend another Gyshahl Greens to re-summon your Chocobo.

Leveling a Chocobo
As Chocobos defeat monsters and obtain experience, they rank up and gain skill points (SP).
SP can be spent to grant your Chocobo bonus stats and skills. This is performed by purchasing abilities from one or more of three specialisations: the 'Defender', 'Attacker', and 'Healer' trees. These trees correspond to battle stances - when placed into a specific battle stance your Chocobo will favor using abilities from the corresponding tree. Notably when in Healer stance, the Chocobo should not use auto-attacks and instead focus entirely on healing. A "Free Stance" option is available to instruct the Chocobo to use all available abilities whenever it sees fit.
Each level the amount of SP earned by a Chocobo raises by one point (so Chocobos earn 1 SP at level 1, 2 SP at level 2, etc.)

Similarly, the cost of purchasing abilities from a tree rises one point with each rank - Rank 1 abilities cost 1 SP, Rank 2 Abilities cost 2 SP, etc.)
10 SP is earned for each level 10 - 16.
11 SP for level 17
12 SP for level 18
13 SP for level 19
14 SP for level 20

The experience required for the Chocobo to reach the next level rises drastically as its level increases, It will take ages to reach max level, (My Chocobo is still leveling, Im three levels away from max level)

Once a Chocobo reaches level 10, feeding it a Thavnairian Onion will raise its level cap by one level. You can obtain two free Thavanairian Onions through side story quests, the rest you will have to either buy from the market bored or grow in a garden.

Players can reset their Chocobo's Skill Points using Reagan Pepper purchased from your Grand Company quartermaster for 48,000 Company Seals or from Hunt Billmaster for 20 Allied Seals.

Chocobo Stances
Free Stance

Auto-attacks, while using all available abilities as the chocobo sees fit.
The chocobo will auto-attack the FIRST enemy you engage and alternate between using Weapon skills and Regenerative/Healing abilities. If you are fighting multiple enemies, you can change the chocobo's target by switching it to "Follow" mode and then back into 'Free Stance'.

Defender Stance
Favours using abilities from the Defender Tree.
Before patch 2.1, it was unlikely that a "Tanking" Chocobo could hold enmity at all. However, the enmity generated from Choco Drop and Choco Strike has since been noticeably increased. A Chocobo which only has access to the "Choco Drop" attack will use it roughly every 6-8 seconds, and can now hold enmity fairly well. If a player desires a tanking chocobo, it may be wise to only purchase the first three abilities from the Defender tree, and swap it into this stance whenever you need it to generate heavy amounts of enmity.

Attacker Stance
Favours using abilities from the Attacker Tree.

Healer Stance
This stance favours Healing abilities.
Providing you have purchased them with SP, 'Choco Regen' will be applied whenever you or your Chocobo take any damage. 'Choco Cure' will be cast whenever you or your chocobo drop below roughly 75% HP.
The Chocobo should not auto-attack when in this stance. Unfortunately, you cannot currently tell your Chocobo to "stay" at a certain location, so it will follow directly behind your character. This means that your Chocobo will have a tendency to get hit by any Cone attacks that are aimed at your character.

Food Effects
When providing different Chocobo foods for your summoned chocobo, your companion will gain a boost to its stats depending on the food. If the food is your chocobo's favorite, it will gain an additional boost.
Curiel Root - Companion EXP up - Gardening
Sylkis Bud - Companion Attack up - Gardening or Vendor
Mimette Gourd - Companion Healing Potency up - Gardening or Vendor
Tantalplant - Companion Maximum HP up - Gardening or Vendor
Pahsana Fruit - Companion Enmity up - Gardening or Vendor

You can customise you're chocobos appearance by changing its barding or changing its colour, there is a colour changing calculator which you can find on google.

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