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Submarines where to start, firstly to unlock submarines you must have a free company, and a free company workshop. So your Free Company must be rank 6 and have a house and you must buy the workshop.

The first submarine build you will unlock is the shark build, following is a list of materials you will need for each part, and the quantity.

Now I believe that certain builds are more suitable than others for certain things, I always try to aim for a build with over 195 Surveillance as this is the minimum surveillance needed to hit all the loot tables in all sectors. Many sectors require less, but its probably better to aim to hit this stat requirement. So Ill quickly explain about the stats of a submarine.

Surveillance: Influences the weather pattern encountered in a sector. Weather patterns affect loot tables and require specific minimum thresholds. Rarer loot requires better weather.
Retrieval: Influences the extraction rate (yield) of a dropped item (poor, normal, optimal).
Speed: Influences the duration of a voyage.
Range: Influences the maximum distance a ship may travel during a voyage.
Favor: Influences the number of anomalies detected at a single destination (referred to as "Double Dipping").

There are a few builds I would recommend, and I myself use, they each have their own purposes and uses. I have used the level 75 stats, so at level 75 with these builds these are the stats your submarines should have.

1. [ C+ U+ S+ Y ] 200 110 95 123 170 77 / 80

Modified Coelacanth Hull - Modified Unkiu Stern - Modified Shark Bow - Syldra Bridge.

Current recommended build. It can double dip Open Robe & makes for the best minion farm while still having enough survey for all sectors. I have three of these builds and I use them a lot, they are the best for minion farming, and minions can be quite profitable. (I have recently started modifying a Syldra Bridge to see if this is a better option - I will let you know)

2. [ C U+ Y C+ ] 195 85 100 138 175 71 / 80

Coelacanth Hull - Modified Unkiu Stern - Syldra Bow - Modified Coelacanth Bridge.

Alternative to 1. Can double dip but lacks survey for some sectors, I would use this while building the parts for Submarine 1.

3. [ C+ U+ U+ Y ] 210 85 105 128 165 77 / 80

Modified Coelacanth Hull - Modified Unkiu Stern - Modified Uniku Bow - Syldra Bridge

Discovery build when new sectors land, short lifespan for use at start of patch to unlock new areas. When ever there are new areas, I always swap one of my minion farming subs to this, then when all new areas are unlocked I swap back.

4. [ C U U C ] 200 70 130 73 130 46 / 80

Coelacanth Hull - Unkiu Stern - Unkiu Bow - Coelacant Bridge

Fast & cheap but lacks range. Makes for a good starter build and a good levelling build as it does not need modified parts nor kamacite. Would recommend this for submarines that are still levelling.

5. [ Y+ C+ U+ S+ ] 140 195 145 53 115 80 / 80

Modified Syldra Hull - Modified Coelacanth Stern - Modified Unkiu Stern - Modified Syldra Bridge.

Kamacite farming build, can double dip The Rimilala Shelf daily with maximum yield.

These are the builds I use, I will include some more table information so you yourself can have each part stat available to you, and you yourself can deiced if you want to use these builds or possibly try your own build.

I will now also include some tables of the submarine areas, maps first for you to have a visual guide. The Letters will corresponded with the following tables.

Anyway I hope this helps you with your submarines guys, best of luck and good farming.

Isolde Iceheart
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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

lotsa great info!
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