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Crimson Knight (Primal Exodus)

Hello and thank you for coming by to check out this post on ffxiv my name is sam Akito leader of the Crimson Knight <CK> free company. As the leader, I have had multiple leadership roles and guild experience leading guilds in different games. So let me tell you about our free company.

We’re a small group of friends who have started up the free company to enjoy playing ffxiv together and now are looking to grow our numbers to have new friends, enjoy our experiences, and make new experiences happen.

The type of FC we are is a social/RP guild meaning we do a variety of things such as Level Help, Dungeons, Fates, Raids, PVP, Crafting, and Questing. While doing this together we do enjoy the fun times as well trying to make it more fun for everyone in-game so we do events in our FC that help us have a good time such as: Hide and Seek, Chocobo racing, and more. We also have a very easy going player base where our number one rule is real life. We know you can't play the game every day so it’s ok.

In our FC we do have members that do participate in role-playing. What is roleplay you may ask it’s where a group of people have a story set inside the game and go off of the story not only implementing the game into it but also creating its own storyline During a roleplay, we will not be in voice chat of the free company. We have a link shell for that, meaning that no one will hear us speaking in the FC chat. One major way we profit in our FC is by hosting a restaurant RP in which multiple people from different servers come and join us for it and they donate to help us save up for bigger places and events.

Thank you for letting me explain my free company to you if you would like your welcome to send me a pm, mail, friend request, or just join us on our discord. Don't worry we welcome every player with an open heart, but before we can fully accept you we would love to get to know you as a person and not as a number as most people do. One of our leadership officers will try to contact you and get to know you on a personal level and we can definitely see where we can help each other out.

Links: Discord
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