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I...I can heal??

If you read my first blog, you might recall my ALT character love. xD
One of my ALTs is a cute bunny white mage. I hadn't played her in a while but decided to do so now to try to get some of that moogle treasure hunt loot.

Let me tell you, it makes me appreciate my best friend turning scholar to keep my warrior arse alive. Through this I have learned that being in communication with your healer is TRULY key; I'm so lucky I can quickly voice chat with her to ask if more pulls are okay and to let her know if I intend to drag mobs around corners.

I have done about 6 or so runs already and literally half were terrible, TERRIBLE (or at least very bad) tanks. It was these last two bad tanks that made me realize that I may not be as bad of a healer as I thought!

One fight was while doing the roulette, so I ended up in Ifrit. The tank(clearly very new) didn't use their aggo skill and the DPS ended up as tank. They were amazing and the three of us worked well once (after multiple messages to use the skill) we realized the tank was never going to pull aggro. No one died. I was really sad I could only give one commendation to show my appreciation.

The second I just finished. It was Tam-tara. The tank was pulling everything but rushed around corners, making it impossible to slap a heal on them even once, and to make matters worse one of the DPS somehow kept pulling aggro and the tank NEVER TOOK AGGRO OFF THEM. All three of them died while I ran around with a train of VERY angry creatures trying to find their reanimated bodies. It was equal parts frustrating and hilarious. The tank did not learn from this though. But I had. Somehow we made it through the boss battle...

So the lessons I thought I knew well as a tank were reaffirmed as a healer. I will never not thank my best friend every time she heals me. And I appreciate all you DPS who, when for some reason I missed aggro-ing a mob, you actually run to me and not the healer. xD
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Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

"actually run to me and not the healer. xD"
This is such an important lesson I learnt while healing. I try to gently guide every new healer this.

"The tank was pulling everything but rushed around corners"
Sprint is a healers friend for this. Unless you are in PVP a healer should always be ( reasonably ) in a close proximity of their tank. NOW all tanks KNOW better, but can get that tunnel vision and forget. If high enough level ( lV48 ) use rescue to bring them back to you as a "HEY"

Sol Luce

Zalera (Crystal)

I am not quite 45 but I dream of yoink-ing them back...
And I will try to remember sprinting. That's good advice. ????

Tifka Stormmoon

Siren (Aether)

LOLO ain't kiddin'. I learned fast as a healer was to stick to my tank's ass so close I have to hold my breath in case he had tacos for lunch. (the Lalafell struggles never end!)

Because you never know if you're going to run into one of those who doesn't understand how line of site works!

Domina Nightshroud

Hyperion (Primal)

yes being a past healer main well healer main still at times i learned tank communication is important

so now i switched roles i'm like scared of tanking unless i'm with a friend group lol other person who plays here at home with me on the console talks back and forth whm healer here to every one they had while they are dps always smh i was like ok um pick up other healer they dropped supporting both tanks or toss the person close to you a heal or rez good blog! happy holidays!

Sol Luce

Zalera (Crystal)

Thank you for the comments ^^
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