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Progression before ShB

Recently finished the post-Stormblood MSQ and I gotta say, looking forward to Shadowbringers! But thinking and wandering around, I don't really feel all that 'complete' with Stormblood. I still have quite a bit of content to do, heck I was even told doing Eureka isn't worth starting now since everyone is doing the new stuff. People have praised the story in Shadowbringers and I'm really excited to do it, but at the same time, I want to take my time and clear some older content first, just to experience it all. It's a weird and jumbled feeling but just wanted to rant.
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Proto Popoto

Famfrit (Primal)

Hey! Thank you for reading my story, it's appreciated.

Eureka. Yeah. Other Friend wants me to hurry my butt up so I can run that with him. So you're definitely not alone on that. I move verrrrryyyy ssssloooowwwlyyyy, so I'm still plodding along through SB.

Well, I'll see you around Fam, fam!

(Ugh, I'm never saying that again.)
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