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To The Person I Still Think of as a Friend

I woke up to find you removed all traces of us. I don't even know why. You didn't even give me the courtesy of an explanation. The day of the incident I had not said a single word nor was I involved in the situation in any capacity. And yet in your capriciousness you cut me due to a fight you had with somebody else that I wasn't even a part of.

I do not begrudge you whatever your issues are, nor even why you counted me among it. In my eyes you are still my friend, no matter what you have done. You know who you are and what you have done, and you will have to bear the weight of your choices. I will never treat you harshly nor blame you. I truly wish you well in life, and have always and will always consider you a friend.

If you ever find yourself walking up to me, know I will embrace you as my long lost friend come home. Our paths will always cross, and I will always smile when I see you. Hopefully someday you'll have the courage to say hello. I hope someday your Conscience brings you home.
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Serena Sable

Cerberus (Chaos)

Oh this is both heart warming and tragic.

It's unlikely this person dear to you may see this however, as the majority of players don't even know the lodestone exists. This sounds like it was done out if impulse, so maybe when this person cools down and collect thierself, they will seek you out.
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