Styrmthota Irynundwyn

Kujata (Elemental)

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Please take a look!・ぜひ読んでください~


I was on Reddit when I came across a post. I did not contribute as I can't really say I've played for a long time or had many interactions with others on the server/data centre. What I can say though, is that I found this really useful and would like to create some awareness about it.

Mari's guide to Japanese DCs

Though I'm sure there is a sizable English speaking community on the Japanese DCs, this may still prove useful if any of you wish to... venture out of your comfort zone I suppose XD



I realised that soon, I would have been playing FFXIV for almost 1 year. Though I had to stop for a while when my wife gave birth in August, it's been a joy to play though the story and the game at my own pace. There are many distractions from the Main Story Quest but I think I am making good progress =P

Happy days~
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Yabu Highball

Typhon (Elemental)

Hello there
I don't know such an interesting blog, and can take a look at it comfortably although i'm Japanese!

However my English skills isn't good , so I should study more in order to get it all..

I'm happy that this article will be read for many players and wish you spent happy days in EORZEA each other!

Mari Anne

Mandragora (Mana)

How delightful to find such a heart moving entry.

You're raising a child too? I understand it should be hard to make the time to play cuz I have a little lady, too. lol
With your post, I got a POWER to write articles with much more effort!
Just let me say THANK YOU SO MUUUUUCH!!!
Have a great time in Eorzea!

Styrmthota Irynundwyn

Kujata (Elemental)

@Yabu Highball - Thank you! Playing this game has been a welcome relief from work and I don't feel pressured to rush all the way to the end.

@Mari Anne - Yes, finding time can be challenging sometimes. I usually only play late at night when everyone else is asleep XD but I'm not complaining! She has been a gem =)
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