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Demographics : 7 February 2021


Hello fellow Eorzeans!

Here are visualized data of Eorzean demographics for 7 February 2021.

Census criteria
All data has been gathered from Lodestone profiles by Lucky Bancho. Only profiles with characters who are (a) level 60 or above, and/or (b) affiliated with a Free Company have been considered. Among these profiles, a profile is considered active if it satisfies the following criteria (translated from Lucky Bancho's blog):
1. The character is affiliated with a Grand Company
2. The character's maximum level is 60 or above (excluding level 60 with zero EXP), with the following exclusions:
 a. the character's maximum level is 60 and its main weapon's iLevel is 260; or
 b. the character's maximum level is 70 and its main weapon's iLevel is 390.
3. Since the last census on 5 December 2020:
 a. the character has been newly created; or
 b. the character's level has changed; or
 c. the character's EXP has changed; or
 d. the number of minions the character owns has changed; or
 e. the number of mounts the character owns has changed.

All data is taken from the 7 February 2021 Lodestone Census (Lodestone国勢調査) by Lucky Bancho. More information can be found on Lucky Bancho's blog at
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