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So Bright it is Blinding

I do not know how many times I've told Peppy, my favorite Chocobo, to slow down.

I think we have traveled for almost two days now, resting only to eat some fresh Grysahl Greens, which I find surprisingly tasty. I can fully understand why Peppy likes them; however, this is likely only due to him not knowing the Majesty of cakes.

When we finally arrived at Quarrymill, a quaint little place in the South Shroud, I was soaked, cake deprived and ready for some stiff drinks.

I quickly tethered Peppy into his keep and stocked his feeding area with some Grysahl Greens, I am one lucky Miqo'te to have such a loyal companion who is so very easy to please.

I've noticed from my years inside the Black Shroud how often it rains. The sky seems to weep in sorrow more each year. Perhaps it was due to the Calamity; I cannot be sure. Maybe others in the Free Company Insomnia will agree.

Perhaps, if I train hard enough, become strong enough, I can exercise my healing arts to heal this broken realm and bring greater harmony to the elementals once more.

Given, I have recently taken up the mantle of "the White," perhaps I will be able to achieve these goals, but for now I will rest, tomorrow I will face the Palace of the Dead.

(Thank you for reading my first blog post! I've set up a Twitter here, so you and I can interact, if you are so inclined, let us do so.)
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Lucoa Howell

Faerie (Aether)

So cute! <3
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