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A Taste of History

Cakes in their light, sweet, fluffy, majesty embody all we should strive to be in life, perfection.

One would imagine, loving cakes I would learn how to make them; however, I hate cooking of any type. Why should I toil away working for food when I could smash bad people with rocks and take theirs?

I grew up in the Black Shroud, a beautiful area full of amazing things, such as angry elementals, Ixal, and of course, the fabled "Woodwrath." The weather, although always changing from day to season, always seemed to oppress the peoples living within the Shroud. Why does it rain all the time?

I lived in a very isolated, solitary, semi-hidden area near where Bentbranch Meadows now stands, just south of Gridania. The home was simple; I would leave only to forage and hunt. I would venture out secretly, trying to learn more about these "feelings" I would have when near the Water, Wind, or Earth. Everything was going perfectly until the voices started at least.

They began in dreams, a daze, a whisper almost but just loud enough to wake me from slumber. I kept these voices secret for many years, always listening but never acting on these ideas of violence until one day the voices were joined by new ones, forming a chorus of argument more persistently than ever.

These new voices yearned for aid, often tormented, but I did not know how to answer them, they were so quiet in my mind, I could not fully understand their meanings.

That is what caused me to travel outward on my own, to find out why these voices would battle for the prevalence of message, one yearning for destruction, one for harmony.

I traveled across the Shroud, the dreary, cloud-laden sky hanging above as I headed to the only place I could think of where I might find answers to the voices in my mind, the city-state of Gridania, nestled inside the Twelvewoods.

Gridania is a lovely place with lush, green leaves carrying a light, earthy smell. I would watch with calmness as they would dance in the gentle, cool wind. The buildings are lovely, tall, and wooden, a natural mosaic of structure and waterways.

Once arriving in the city-state, I began asking around for experts in various fields. This search led me to meet the wonderful Mother Miounne, a tall, beautiful, brown-haired, Elezen woman adorned in a woodland green dress with light buckles and clasps. Locals told me she was the Proprietress of the Carline Canopy, representative of the Adventurers Guild. If any, this seemed like a great place to start.

After several fantastic drinks of Orange Juice and in-depth conversations with Mother Miounne, I saw IT.

The symbol of Divinity, the pinnacle of perfection, the light of creation made physical, the cake.

Few things in this life can adequately describe what happens when a possibly drunken, ravenous Miqo'te spies her food made destiny. I sprung upon this delicious, delectable, deviate, delight faster than lightning splits the nighttime sky. Moments later, the bliss of completion took hold as I began to fill myself with such an excellent substance; at long last, I felt complete again.

When I melted from my bed the next morning with a dull pain in my skull, and a lackluster sway of my ebony pink-tipped tail, I abandoned the carnage which was my soft bed, and I approached Mother Miounne downstairs. I began to apologize for the few points I could remember of the previous day's events, but she suggested it would be best to just "not talk about it." I felt terrible, but the cake was SO good. Perhaps I should ask her if there are more? I am a growing Miqo'te after all!

Mother Miounne reminded me of the Conjurers' Guild, a small place hollowed into the earth nearby inside the city. She suggested I start my search there, asking the Guildmaster, Brother E-Sumi-Yan questions about these voices I hear.

I made my way west from the massive Aetheryte crystal in the central plaza, it had such a soothing, radiance of blue color, just like my eyes. Crossing the small, old, wooden bridge just west of the Aetheryte, I stopped and glanced to my left taking a moment to notice how gently the water flowed from the waterwheel nearby, the sounds of the movement were quiet and peaceful it reminded me of the gentle breeze of home. Remembrance would have to wait; however, I had places to be, the Conjurers' Guild.

I arrived to find a small altar of sorts, apparently crafted out of old wood, with three adorned spike-like legs in design. I could not ascertain the purpose of this altar; perhaps we could summon cakes. Just behind the altar rose an ancient, huge tree trunk. Judging by the stern texture and weathered appearance, this hollowed-out mass of tree was ancient and quite pristine. I was quite nervous when I passed through the entrance and began my descent into the old earth. The warm, yellow glow of the lanterns within what I came to know as "Stillglade Fane" lit the tunnel and seemingly welcomed me onward simultaneously, the deeper I traveled, the more welcome and calm I felt, strangely I felt as if I were home.

I can genuinely only hope Brother E-Sumi-Yan can provide some answers and maybe a drink?

(Thank you, everyone, for reading! You are the best! Please feel free to get in touch! Bring cakes!)
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Lylnn Fashonti

Zalera (Crystal)

So many people checking out the blog post, thank you so much! Lylnn's Twitter is over at: - You get notifications of direct blog posts over there and I was thinking of maybe adding a couple poll's - I have a neat idea! Stay tuned!

Lucoa Howell

Faerie (Aether)

This was really great!
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