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Mai Waifu Hates Me.

This is the first time in a while where I have written on the Lodestone. Take it from me: If your commanding of your squadron is getting you wiped more times than necessary on Aurum Vale, you're gonna get the missus to read the riot act on you. I sent my Lalafell team of Nanasomi, Nunulupa, Mujen, Tewawa, Liliba and Kelmomo to do some command missions.

It was, more or less, an ordeal. Unfortunately, I didn't do so well in Aurum Vale. Mainly because my squadron could not auto-evade AoEs, and in one run of the Longstop, in the final fight with Alatar, Tewawa and Liliba got wiped. So after Bae filmed my gag runs live, she read the riot act on me.

"Bonga, I told you to take care of your fellow Lalas while going on command missions," said Bae. "I told you. But you. didn't. listen. How many times did you and the boys wipe on Aurum Vale? 20? I've lost count, dear."
I was bent over, despondent like a desperate desperado hungry to listen to Despacito. "I'm sorry Bae, I didn't mean for you to film my crappiness at this Adventure Squadron business;" wailed I with a sigh. "I only wanted the emotes and the Sapper Strike mission for the lads so I can be a captain just like you! Please forgive me! Please! I beg you!"
Bae fumed. Kahori was not happy. "The lads? THE LADS!? That's it, Bongaboi, I am dragging you to my apartment to teach you a lesson in shame right now!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ;_;" Soon after, I found myself in a corner of Bae's apartment, bent over as before, defeated by a single flick to the head that caused a massive loss of blood from my nose.

The good thing about this is that I got my emotes and I won't have to deal with running the poor smalls through the Vale again. But you talk about humiliation! I knew that over in the Vale, it reached a point where Kahori was going to put me in my place.

She put me to sleep.
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Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Heh heh. That'll teach you.

Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

And how!
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