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Hey I might try to be on mostly on Sunday, Monday and Friday nights. Schedule willing. I might change the appearance and handle soon to one I use more commonly.Just work has been a drag and I'm on the hunt for a new one. Frankly been hella stressed out and depressed too. I gonna try to stream regularly on Tuesdays (it might just be minecraft lol cus I need a chill game)
I been doing my best to take care of myself and FF14 has been helping me keep my sanity a bit, all the while not trying to get too sucked into it. (It never really happened to me with games, but I have known many who have taken too deep of a dive. I'm just hyper-aware of playing too much and disregarding important life things)
But I'm still trucking. I been doing more art than playing games as of late.
Over all I been trying to unlock more content and push along the story since that what is most interesting to me at the moment.
-Love, Wyrd Rune
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