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005 - I Feel Like A Real Adventurer

I'm In So Deep I've Almost Drowned

It's been just over two weeks, and I've felt a sort of blur form between who I am, and I mean who I really am, and the me that can only really exist in Eorzea. As a writer, that's not uncommon. At least not for me. But whereas till now I've been writing stories about other characters (albeit fictional ones,) now I'm writing my own story, or at least one that I wish could be in some ways true. It's an alter ego of sorts. A way to be something I never could be otherwise.

I've formed actual friendships. Our adventures feel real. The excitement isn't imaginary and the wonder I've felt as I take in this world isn't less tangible just because I can't touch it. (Though, I suppose in a literal sense that's exactly why it isn't tangible.) The sad details of my alter-ego don't take away from the experience I've had thus far.

I refuse to pretend that this imaginary place, with it's imaginary people and it's imaginary struggle, is in any way different from any book I've ever read, written, or will ever write. Only, for once I'm the main character. We all are.
If you don't stare at the ground and think about how much more powerful you need to become, are you even really a main character?

I am here, and will continue to be here, forever chasing that sense of childlike wonder that seems to hide just around each and every corner I've come to thus far.
-The Neat Hat Girl-
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Ryoko Orikasa

Louisoix (Chaos)

Eorza certainly feels like a realm you can sink into.
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