Kimber Tre'ya

Defender of Eorzea

Faerie (Aether)

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007 - I'm Building A Harem

I Have Assembled An Army Of Minions
My company tasked me with recruiting new members. They felt I would be good at it given my... eccentric nature. At first, that went horribly. All I did was make loads of friends who were already in companies, such as the ever prestigious company of Jojo's references. (Full disclosure, I was paid in gum to advertise them.) So I failed to recruit even a single member. But given enough time with someone, I could sell them their own front door. And so, allow me to introduce you to this veritable band of wide eyed newbies that have sworn a blood oath to me.

Now I know what you're thinking: "But Kimber! Where's your neat hat?!" To which I say I WAS LEVEL 1 in this picture hang in there I'm getting it back! One must be level 5 in order to wear neat hats.
... What's that? You don't care about my hat? You say you want to know why one of the members of my Harem is naked? Well... It's a long story. When we asked why she was naked, she simply said "I'm wearing a hat." I try not to push the issue too much in these cases.

Everyone seems to be having fun, and I think that's all that matters. There's no rush to level cap. We see big monsters, we fight the big monsters. We are simple people with simple pleasures. The rest of the members of our company are nice and patient with me while I take an aside to level with them.
I'm happy.

-The Neat Hat Girl
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