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1st Epistle of Prince Lorian 1:1-4

A Pseudepigrapha writing among codices that was uncovered within the Great Gubal library. Author claims to be Prince Lorian.
Those that believe P.L., is the author generally agree that this heretical writing may have lead to his assassination. Lorianine Scholars debate the identity of the recipient of this letter, whether to a group or a single person.

A reading of the 1st Letter to Fellows in Gridania

Chapter 1

1. Greetings to thee, from Prince Lorian,
your brother hiding for the truth I have learned.
2. For the truth yet revealed to thee, if ye
hast the will to knowst what They have wrought.
3. When I first met Ophillia, she was already
a woman, and I, a prince without a kingdom.
4. And I didst follow those green eyes, like so many,
to all parts of Hydaelyn; how foolish we* were.

*Could translate meaning fellow believers or family.
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Damien Fangreth

Malboro (Crystal)

Wonderful start Prince. Adds to the depth of the storm, for as it may be the last it will surely be the longest and loudest.

This comment has been deleted.

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