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Secret Ending to Prince Lorian 13:34-46

Now a reading of the secret second ending to the Deuterocanonical Gospel According to Prince Lorian, that was uncovered seven years ago in an ancient mass grave in the Sagolii Desert. Research is still on going on this manuscript.

Chapter 13

34. Valiantly Sabin's sword had vanquished
the Vendetta of the Thorn and victory was assured!
35. {If not for the blade, Cali the hidden foe,
pierced his heart from behind, a blessing for him!
36. For it was then revealed whence Cali's facade
melted to that of a Gentle Messenger!
37. She had bent the knee and thus was twisted
and marred taking up the cause to punish those,
she once called fellows.
38. Thus the Incarnate wailed with rage laced
with sorrow, the aether sizzled with her power
becoming a miasma of death
39. To those not able to resist [...]
40. [...] with such [...]
41. <I> fled in fear of sharing in <that>
horr<ific death!> All those not able to escape,
fellow or foe
42. [...]
43. Star, was subcame to her wounds from the
Incarnates rage, my anguish is fathomless! <Not>
44. Because of Star, but it seems Thorn hath won.
Thus that which was deceived to take Flesh became
45. Thus Anger and Affection became Indifferent.
Only I knowth the truth and now, Yu, also.
46. Spread the truth, we are deceived!}

[...] A lacuna or gap in the writing that cannot be satisfactorily restored.

< > A restored portion of the writhing.

{ } The additional text found in the grave manuscript, v.35-46

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