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Life as an Arcanist Pt. 2

In the words of Lady Yuna: "I've done it. I have become a summoner."

... which is also true in my case.

I went up from Arcanist to Summoner/Scholar and once again it was time to hit the Duty Roulette, since I want to get the ARR classes to lvl 50 before starting into Heavensward. (Yes, I finished A Realm Reborn, and no, I did not expect a 1.5H long cutscene, when the game warned me about that at 1am at night.)

In my last blog post I somewhat complained about being an Arcanist, since you would help out the *cough*bad*cough* Healer and the team in general with your healing spells and the healer alone would get all the props for managing so well.

I was somehow mad about this unfairness, which resulted in my venting blog post last time. But to be fair, being Arcanist has its bad sides, but also its good sides, and today I saw one of its good sides ... I think.

As mentioned before, I am a WHM main, so you would expect me to take the Scholar route and get back into my Healing routine, but haHA, no! I wanted to take the "easy route" and chose to focus on the Summoner's set of skills to get better at DPSing.

Today's Duty Roulette: The Navel - Titan's trial.

... I have bad memories about Titan. When I first entered Titan's trial last year - back then still being a completely clueless Healer-oopsie - ... I died.

Titan pushed me from the platform. The healer was pushed from the platform and my then-teammates had to go without me (who didn't even understand, how she was pushed from the platform in the first place ... "What happened? Why am I dead?")

I just remember feeling so bad for my teammates that I am forever traumatized by Titan and all his hard mode and extreme mode versions.

Skipping back (forward?) to today: The healer died.

He (she?) suddenly was off the platform. Out of my reach. I couldn't raise him (her?).
That poor person must have seen the same scenes I saw - and, as far as I could tell - this person entered this trial for the first time, as well, so he (she?) must've have been very confused at this point.

But for now, we had a problem. We were left with one tank and two DPS.
With every of Titan's attacks we came closer to 0 HP on each of our life bars.

... Really, really close - and thus it was that the Healer in my heart and brain awoke ... and made me mash the buttons to cast my Physick spell on the three of us.

Summoner mains would know that the healing possibilities of the Summoner's skill set are only going so far and at lvl 34 you don't have many options.
Ooooh, the thrill - it was nerve-wrecking to see how the tank and my DPS buddy as well as myself took turns in going low on HP, while Titan still was around 60% of his health.

Multiple times I thought "Okay, now it's over, now I can't keep us alive anymore ...", while starring at the life bars in the group view.

Switching to the tank, trying to push his health up - oh no, Titan hit us all, cure my DPS buddy a bit, then going back to the tank - okay, the tank is fine, heal my DPS buddy again - "oh shoot, I'm also low on HP, if I die, the last healer is gone" - healing myself - "Hey Tank, when did you get so low on HP again?" - "Woah, DPS friend, what happened to you suddenly?" - "Gooood dammit, Titan got me again in his strange rock cage thingy !!!" - what is life?

I was so focused on my two teammates (and sometimes myself) ... that I totally did not realize, what actually happened, when suddenly ... the victory fanfare chimed happily?

"GOOD JOB!!!!!" I typed into the chat, congratulating my two teammates, who did all of the awesome DPSing.

I raised the poor healer, who was teleported back to our platform, when suddenly the chat showed me a message from my DPS buddy: "wp Summoner" followed by a "well ????en played".

"Thanks! =D" I said, while feeling bad for the poor healer, who was just raised and set back onto his (her?) feet. If he (she?) felt the same thing I felt after my first Titan run, then he (she?) must've felt very bad at this point.

As for me being an Arcanist? I guess, I just am never happy - no matter what people do. If people praise the Healer alone, I feel neglected. If people praise me, because the Healer could not do his job, I feel sorry towards him/her.

And the moral of this story: Arcanist is a very interesting class and I am a Healer with heart and soul.
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