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A Brief Blog Post

CW: Death, grief

Hey all, giving a brief update on how I've been doing. If you've read my last blog post, I talked a little about some struggles I've been having with grief and all. Still am.

I'm writing this partly because I can't sleep. I have work in a few hours, but some local news about more young dead people just hits too close to home and makes it hard to relax. I spent most of my evening just working on my botanist and carpenter while exploring the lands of Heavensward. I really should be making progress in the main storyline with my Paladin, but the depression's been especially rough lately so my tank is figuratively running low on gas. I love roleplaying as a Paladin in this story, but there's been so much loss up to this point. I've had to walk away a few times. And sometimes, when I do log-in, I don't touch the story. I don't fight in a trial or run a dungeon.

Sometimes, I just like riding my flying horse and finding some mountain peak to watch the sunrise from. Sometimes, I like finding players that are struggling with stuff and swooping in to tank for them. Swapping my botanist outfit for my paladin one is kinda fun, especially when I run away right after! I've been trying to save some gil too, but it's hard when I got equipment and ingredients to buy. Triple Triad is addictive, and I'm enjoying filling out more of my sightseeing log... And when I'm not out in the world, I'm gardening and planning out special crops or touching up the house I'm sharing with a friend.

I'm so happy that this game can offer me some peaceful escapes when I need it. And I'm sure I'll pick up my sword and shield and fight through The Vault soon. Just... maybe after some sleep...
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