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A few things

First of all, who in the hells summons a primal in the middle of

Now that I write it out, it's really a dumb question. Worshipers and Tempered summon primals. A few exceptions, but it's the same equation.

...I wonder if one day, I'll be summoned as a primal. That would be....interesting, but I would presumably not be around to fight me, so it'd be better if it didn't happen.

Unrelated: I suspect Alisaie knows that Alphie won't learn to swim if she gets him turtle-blessed. Otherwise, I can't think of why we haven't hauled him over there. Maybe she's waiting for him to stop keeping her from combat.

They don't realize how alike they are in that regard--fighting over keeping the other safe. Honestly, how about both of you stay on the boat in case the alleged snake lady shows up again. No? Both of you are gonna come and scare me to death by being slightly out of my cover range??? I'm sensing a trend.

Anyway, we've got a weird situation to settle and I have a bank book to punching almost-gods in the face. Funny how that works out in my favor, I mean I'd do it for free after all.
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