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Return to familiar waters

I've chased fish far and wide, and like fate they've led me back again - the Tempest.

The lights are still on, but the way I figure it, they'll probably outlive us all. The fae's air bubble will too, but that's something we've lobbed over to some other generation.

Thinking about it, we really caused a lot of problems for the Ondo for my sake, and to the best of my knowledge, it'll happen again when the bubble collapses. We might not even be remembered then--definitely won't be able to help--but we'll still have upset their livelihood twice.

Luckily, that's not the only Talos we've set in motion. Based on the regular trade with Stilltide, they'll have allies whenever that time comes. That the instigator of that relationship would be called "some elf boy", though.....I think I'll keep that to myself.

But coming back'd think it would stir up bad memories, that I'd want to leave quickly, but it's not like that at all. It's....soothing, in a way. That for everything that we were staring down on arrival, for how bad the odds were, I'm still here to talk about it.

And....Amaurot is here, after all. Even metaphorically bleeding out from the spiked hunting trap I'd laid in couldn't dull its beauty.

But, as always, duty called and I brought my catch back to Frithrik. The last facet is now independent, the Crystalline Mean now self-sufficient. Not being needed is bittersweet, if I'm being honest, but it's for the best.

If nothing else, I have especially good news to bring back to Eorzea this trip. I might ask our dear Exarch when he planned for that surprise of his to be used, though--for the death of the first Lightwarden, or the last?

On second thought, I'll probably just get a cryptic smile in response--his way of covering that he only thought about the "what" and not the "when".

I'm sure news from the front will come in then--a short-lived celebration as a new problem kicks the door down. I'll be returning all the same, though--it's time for me to set off again.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some of the pictures from my fishier wanderings.

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