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[Kujata][FC][LFM] Legio XIV Gemina

Hi there!

Legio XIV Gemina <<XIVth>> is currently looking for people to join our chilled FC

We are recently created Free Company that filled with chilled, helpful, and friendly people. We are looking for people that share the same mind as us. We want to create a chilled Free Company where people could call it home.

The intention of this FC is to create a good space for people to relax, chat and do a variety of content regardless of your experience and level. Fancy trying to learn Savage content? We'll give it a go, die a lot, try again. Haven't done old content? like Binding Coil but want to? Let's do it. Want to mindlessly grind Deep Dungeons like PoTD/HoH/Eureka? Awesome me too! Or maybe you want to play on your own and just enjoy the Free Company benefits (company actions)? Do what you want my dudes! We don't mind.

We got FC house at Plot 4, 12 Ward, The Goblet (Medium) complete with workshop, chocobo stable, and aetherial wheel

If you are interested you may contact people below:
* Shyvana Dovahkiin - Discord: Aloy#8511
* Kira Takagami
* Iridescence Takamaki
* Quarcus Didyira
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