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Drug Dealers

This is another catch-up entry - I did end up spending an entire day in bed, which I don’t recommend. I have now learned that once you hit a certain age, laying in a soft bed all day really wrecks your back. I had no idea; it’s been around 20 years since I slept in a real bed. I’m about to head out and kill some monsters to work the kinks out of my spine … once I stop by the apothecary for some anti-inflammatory meds. Ow.

Today I spent a fair amount of time figuring out what materials I should keep, and which ones I should sell. I wish they’d just let me sell stuff on the market, but apparently they don’t let adventurers do that. I have other things to do besides mind a market stall, anyway. But my backpack is getting hella heavy, and I’d prefer that my pockets were heavy with gil instead.

So while out was out picking up quests I learned that the Goldsmith’s Guild wants silver ore melted “the old way” with bone ash. Uh … why?! Zezeda says they’re making ceremonial silverware, but for who?! Melting silver with bone ash is a pain in the butt and the result is visually nearly indistinguishable from modern silver-melting methods. How curious. But OK - here’re the ribs. I just hope I don’t have to hang around and smell the fumes from burning bone. It’s tolerable if you have no choice, but there are choices in Ul’dah, and so I’ll pass. And then I learn they’re making it for the Thaumaturge’s Guild. Well this gets more curious all the time. Is there really something to the idea that burnt bone is better for ore refinement, from a magical perspective? (I hope not; it smells like @ss, I tell you!)

Once again, I am a carbohydrate delivery boy. How has my life come to this? The first deliveries I made were to starving Lalafellin. Does Ul’dah not even take care of its own? Although it personally vexes me, I can understand why Ul’dah doesn’t welcome refugees from other lands like myself. But Lalafellin kids?! I can’t understand that. Wystan explained things, and yes - I am actually happy to help him with his endeavor. In a land of such riches, there is no excuse for hunger.

And why does Wystan’s name sound familiar? Another hallucination?

I’m heading out to help Wystan and I feel like I’m wearing pyjamas. This is the best armor I can get my hands on at the moment and at least I’m relieved of that bright red pointy hat. Although my hair is gray, my eyesight is just fine, thank you, and the spectacles I replaced the hat with are purely ornamental as far as vision is concerned, although they do boost my stats.

While out harvesting fangs from bats for my next Goldsmith trial, I stumbled across a drug dealers’ den. I never would’ve found it if I had not been chasing a bat. The dealers are growing something they called “dream flowers,” and judging from their calmness about a stranger busting in on their well-hidden cave, I think they’re their own clients as well. I overheard one of them instructing two others to “tell them that the first pinch is on you. Understood?” So yeah - I don’t know what dream flowers are, but I’m pretty sure the people in that cave aren’t apothecaries. One of them mentioned a Father Ilud and said he was the only person he’d encountered who cared about the people in the cave. I wonder what’s in it for him?

I walked out the other side of the cave, still looking for bats, and found a whole tent village. One of them told me that “Lost Hope” is a perfectly descriptive name for this camp. I assumed the locals would be fellow Ala Mhigans, but a majority of them are not. There are a pair of Brass Blades stationed at the camp. Well then. Does this little cave industry have anything to do with how Lolorito made his fortune? I can’t help but wonder.

I am stunned by Ms. Momodi’s kindness. She set me up with my own room at the Hourglass! No more sleeping in tents for me! Well … wait. How often am I actually going to be able to take advantage of this room at the inn?! For now, I think Ms. Momodi is correct about getting a bit of rest. I’m not going to lay in bed all day - I think I’ll spend a few days in the city working on my Goldsmithing.

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