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To FC members English practice blog :D

To FC members who came to Japan!
...I'm sorry if you already returned.

Delicious restaurant and sightseeing spots are written in the guidebook.
so,here are my recommendations :)

I would recommend Japanese sweets for souvenirs.
Especially try the DAGASHI(駄菓子) once!
It's a sweets that children buy and eat on thery way home from school.
Very cheap but yummy XD
It's standard to buy it at a DAGASHI-YA(駄菓子屋) in the town.
But now you can buy it at supermarkets and convienience stores.
There are a lot of types for about 10 yen to 30 yen,so it is fun just to watch!

My favorite DAGASHI is Minatsune-no mitsuanzu(ミナツネのみつあんず).
Sweet and sour apricot pickled in honeysyrup.
Sister Anzu-bo(アンズボー) is yummy when frozen eaten in summer.

Next is Kabayaki-santaro(蒲焼さん太郎).
A card-sharped snack made by minced cod stretch and bake.
Chewable and salty!
I also like Big-katsu(ビッグカツ).
It's a minced cod fly.

I like Kyabetsu-taro(キャベツ太郎) and Morokoshi-wataro(もろこし輪太郎) in snacks.
Kyabetsu-taro has cabbage in its name but no cabbeage :P
There are corn snacks with sauce flavor and consomme flavor.
Speaking of snacks,there was Umai-bo(うまい棒) with a variety of flavors.
I especially like the salami flavor and the mentai(メンタイ) flavor.
Orange package is salami,purple one is menai.

There are recommendations for sweets/snacks other then DAGASHI.
Gummy candies are rich ont only taste but also chowing comfort.
I like hard gummy Kandemiina(カンデミーナ) and Otoko-ume.
Otoko-ume is...the flavor of umeboshi(dried plum) and katsubushi(dried bonito)!!
For snacks, you rarely seen Fuwa-maru(ふわ丸) butif you can ate it, you will be surprised by the unknown texture.
By the way, Curry-sen(カレーせん) is spicy and delicious!

I used Google translate because my English is not good.
I'm glad if you teaches you :)
If you ever come to Japan try it!
Usual FC chat is too high level for me, but I have translated and read some.
I want to improve my English quickly and talk to everyone!
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Katou Megumin

Tonberry (Elemental)

noted! I must try them when I go to Japan!!! By now, people in the FC is grateful to have you! Even if you don't talk very much, You like to join for duty roulette and hunts!
Thats good! :D

Taisa The-villainous

Tonberry (Elemental)

Thank you for reading Katou-san!
I'm happy to belong to the FC! Everyone is very kind :)
I will actively participate if I have a chance to play together!!
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