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[MANA] [LFM] Dragonsong Reprise 絶竜詩 固定募集

====== CLOSED ========

Hi everyone, thanks for reading.
I'm looking at gathering a group to clear DSR.

- 4 times a week between Tuesday to Sunday (flexible)
- 11pm to 1am (GMT+8) / 12am to 2am (JST). At least 1 lockout. Max 3 hrs if everyone agrees to extend on the day itself / or able to start early.
- Members to submit their availability every week. I'll send out a URL to fill in weekly.
- If you're going to be late, please inform us beforehand.

Aim to clear:
- Ideally before 6.2.
- However if practice starts late, we can extend till past 6.2 (with everyone's agreement) but there will be a pause during Savage progression.
- After first clear, we'll discuss how many times to reclear before disbanding.

Generally will use Hamukatsu for all phases. But we can discuss and adjust.

- iL 600 BiS (best-in-slot) gear.
- Proficient in your job with mech stability.
- Mid- to hardcore prog expectation.
- Willing to study mechs before practice.
- Those who have cleared at least 1 ult before.
- First timers with determination and confidence are welcomed too.
- If you have an existing group and would like to join this as a 2nd one, you can. But please note that there might be a difference in strategy and be willing to adapt.

- Have a discord account & a free CWLS slot.
- VC is optional. Discussion can be done via typing or speaking.
- Language: I don't care honestly. English, 日本語, CN, all are welcome.
- No toxic & immature behaviour. Proactive in discussion & helping each other.

If you are interested, let's chat & share your log to アン#6043.
Thank you for reading.

Looking for: D2

MT: WAR (2絶済)
ST: GNB (絶竜済!)
PH: WHM (3絶済)
BH: SGE (3絶済)
D1: SAM/NIN/RPR (2絶済)
D3: DNC (1絶済)
D4: SMN (1絶済)




 ・VC随意. 書くことや話すことでコミュニケーションをとることができます

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