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2020 A Big Year That Has FF14 Written All Over It

Well so long 2019. I don't think you will be missed!

The only amazing thing that happened was I found this amazing game and an even more amazing community!

However 2020 feels like a pretty special year for many reasons.

In rl I am getting married this year! So for the most of 2020 I will probably be broke due to buying way overpriced flowers and napkins ( I suggested to buy some fancy toilet roll and use that for napkins instead but you can imagine how that went down...). I also saw that FF14 does weddings which is totally amazing and I am tempted to make my Fiancee a character just to try that out!

FF14 wise my main aim is to get completely up to date with the game! I will hopefully be done with the Realm Reborn story by the end of this month (I was owed some holiday so booked off some time this month to have full long weekend sessions to make sure I complete the story!) and then get into Heavensward which I am really really excited to play, and then the other two expansions. I mostly want to be able to properly join in with the events that go on all the time in FF14 but I don't think I will benefit from them until I have completed all the story and max Shibil.

I am also considering joining a Free Company. If by any chance you saw my last blog you know how big a deal this is. I have always been very anxious and nervous when playing online and having to talk and interact with other players so I have never even consider joining a guild or free company because of this. However the FF14 community is by far the nicest, friendliest and most amazing community I have ever been a member of. Every interaction I've had has been great and I went from hiding from interacting with other players to actually looking forward to it! So yeah, maybe it's finally time for Shibil to take his big next step and join a free company...... Something to think about at least.

Anyway 2020 will be a special year and I know it will certainly be better than 2019.

How do I know ?

Because I have FF14 in my life now !
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Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

Happy New Year 2020 Shibil

Shibil Libil

Twintania (Light)

Happy New Year Yoru! Hope it's a great one for you!

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Aww congrats on your wedding! Make sure to tell the lodestone if you get married in-game too :D

Shibil Libil

Twintania (Light)

Thank You! and will do :) !
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