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I actually like A Realm Reborn

Well I finally did it .... I finished a Realm Reborn ..... not sure why everyone complained about it to be honest?

Maybe it's because I've been playing FF14 less frequently recently so every time I get in to the game I'm really pumped to play, or if it is just because this is my first proper MMORPG but yeah I liked it.....a lot.

Okay the story is a bit slow at points and yeah their is a lot of go and deliver this message in three different continents ( I don't want to sound a bit of a snob, but surely someone can deliver letters other than the warrior of light? No? Anyone?), and don't get me started on that preparing a feast part. But other than that I had an absolute blast.

The game is just so full of life, the characters you meet are so well developed and have backstories that are just begging to be explored in more detail, the locations you visit are always breathtaking, full of monsters to fight and npc having hilarious conversations as you stroll through towns. The bosses are brilliant, especially the primals. I loveeee the primals, and the story eventually gets into a really exciting pace.

The dungeons are all good fun too even though I have to admit that they were never a real challenge thanks to the duty finder leveling meaning high level players will join you and blitz through the dungeon (which I found both annoying and helpful at times) but they were always highly entertaining and interesting.

A big part of why I like A Realm Reborn is because I absolutely love the character I've made, Shibil Libil you are a healing badass! I challenged myself by becoming a healer, a class I've always hidden from due to the massive responsibility you have to keep your party alive. Becoming a healer was the best gaming decision I have ever made. Every fight is like a puzzle, trying to get all the pieces to fit together while all the pieces are trying to do everything they can to stop that. It's brilliant and when you manage to pull of some great heals in a dire situation it's right up their on the ultimate pleasure level! Especially when other players recognize what you pulled off.

Talking about other players, they are just the best! I think every time I have written a blog I have mentioned about how great the FF14 community is, and every time I play the game it always gets proven. I constantly find myself teaming up with a fellow warrior, grinding through some quests and fates together while having a laugh before going on our separate ways. When doing dungeons people are always very fun, kind and helpful. In the golden saucer I am always dancing and cheering with other players while competing against each other, it really is the best community I have ever seen, not just in video games but in everything.

So yeah if you were like me before I started playing, checking these sort of forums to see if you would like it, you will. A realm reborn is a great game but if you want to make it an incredible game, get involved with the community. It's worth it.

Now on the Heavensward! I am so pumped for this!!!!!
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Yoru Kuro

Phoenix (Light)

Did you finish the ARR 2.0 main story, or the complete 2.x series?
The main complaint about ARR is not the main scenario until the two cut-scenes heavy 8-man dungeons, but the post scenario to do the link between 2.0 and 3.0.

Shibil Libil

Twintania (Light)

I'm about to start the Defenders of Eorzea so about 2.3 in the series I think, I do get it's a lot of grinding and not a lot of loot but I'm having fun just doing a couple of quests a night with some fellow warriors, find it's a nice way to chill out after a day of work. Plus i loved the King Moogle part (but im surprised Disney haven't sued Square Enix for the music) :P
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