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Hello Eorzea!

Ever since I arrived at the gate of Gridania, hoping to find a place to live amidst the beautiful forests that surround it, I've been so bright eyed and bushy tailed, and willing to help just about anyone! But lately I've found myself wondering if some of the jobs I've been taking aren't...wrong?

I mean, of course, in a world like this, full of so many creatures who can attack at any moment, sometimes you've got to be tough! I learned that in my first days in the city, being sent to the Shroud to do all kinds of dangerous jobs. But sometimes a person will ask for help getting their workers to "stop being lazy" or slay elementals to merge their cores just to see what happens, and I feel uneasy but I guess I haven't figured out how to say "no" when I want to yet. You'd think I'd have all the confidence in the world, being an adventurer who travels all over now! Meeting so many people! But saying no feels like one of those big monsters who you can't take on on your own. I need to work on that!

I think I was starting to feel more self-confident, but then I had some dungeon encounters that I wasn't ready for and I really screwed up. More than once... I was glad my wolf pupper Bowser still liked me afterwards, because I sure didn't. If only Esuna worked to heal my bruised pride...

Still, it's not all doom and gloom! Recently I joined a group of people who really want to make the world a better place, and protect it from danger! That's the one thing I want more than anything: to protect Gridania and all the other surviving towns and cities. I feel at peace here, and I want everyone to have somewhere they feel at peace in, too. Everyone is still healing from the Calamity, and I want to make sure people have the space to do that healing

Oh, and I took up chocobo racing!! My brand new chocobo, Lily Luna, is so sweet and good and we're both getting better together ^_^

I'll keep you all updated on my adventures right here! I'm always looking to meet new people, so say hi if you see me!

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