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Second Letter to Ilsabard

To my humble Queen, even though you have yet to reply, I feel you guiding me at each step.

I fought my first real adversary recently. No, I do not mean the Star Marmots, Huge Hornets, or the shrews Mylla asked me to kill. They were rather easy to dispose of, if you don't mind some bragging. The adversary I speak of was an arrogant Roegadyn who called himself "Pfarmrl the Driven." Such a dumb name.

It started when I reported back to Mylla about the success of slaying the small creatures. Just as she was promising me that there would be greater challenges, she was informed by another Guild member that Momodi has asked for assistance with a group of marauders causing trouble outside The Quicksand. Mylla, using this as a chance to test me, asked me to go stand up to the marauders. She said that there will be times, as a Gladiator, that I will need to demand my opponents' attention while my teammates work toward defeating those enemies.

One of the marauders, Pfarmurl, wanted to fight. Before any violence could occur, however, a Highlander man interrupted. Pfarmurl seemed scared of him. He mentioned something about the Sword of Nald before running out of the bar. The man told me his name is Aldis and offered to buy me a drink, except he didn't have any gil to do so. He seemed strong and powerful. I like him. Maybe our paths will cross again someday.

Momodi thanked me for taking care of the marauders, but asked me not to tell Mylla about meeting Aldis as everyone thinks he is dead. I get the feeling that something happened between the two and it would be better to not let Mylla think he is dead. I did as I was asked and did not mention Aldis. Not like I had the time, as when I got back to The Coliseum, Mulla informed me that the marauders were assaulting merchants at Scorpion Crossing. It was time to finish what was started at the bar!

Once at Scorpion Crossing, which luckily wasn't too far from the city, I met a merchant nervous-looking merchant who asked me to get his stuff back from the marauders. A short distance away from Scorpion's crossing, I found the merchant's stuff out in the open. Not only did Pfarmurl have a dumb name, but he had dumb strategies as well. Being an obvious trap, I drew my sword in preparation for the attack. Even though it was four on one, it was a simple battle. PFarmurl got a good strike with his axe on me, but a combo attack with a fast strike and stab took PFarmurl down. I returned the merchant's stuff and in return, he offered me a bed in his tent to rest before setting out to the city in the morning.

Before I sat down to write this letter, I was invited to a Free Company named REIGN. Everyone part of the FC seems nice and helpful. Seems like membership will be useful as I explore Eorzea.

I apologize for the lack of information in this letter. I must work on small tasks before I am trusted with more sensitive information to report.

I await your response, my Queen.

[Shorter post, I think this might be better than posting longer Journal entries. Not sure if this is the best format, but I like keeping record of a story so far. It also helps me add more story to the more mundane quests I am going through. Thanks for reading. :)]
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