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ffxiv dairy day 1,

sup its me, peter, the guy who wears the chocobo dress i felt like i wanted to a dairy that will last 50 days or more, about my adventures of me in eorezea, spreading hope going around saying you are all worthy in life even when you think you aren't. heres context to why i do this hope spreading thing, it is a purpose i gave myself and also another reason it began it was because i had lost all hope in humanity, so i thought one day fuck it,
the world is shit ima be a guy who makes a small difference and make it a little bit better, for fun and joy, ever since the day i gave myself that purpose, i learned a lot from it, and still am learning from it, seeking all kinds of wisdom, from what ever player or person, or thing, catches my eye, even the craziest mother fuckers out there, have wise knowledge okay so heres what happened today

day 1, i logged in and saw a hrothgar who regonized me, i said my usual words you are worthy in life even when you think you aren't and he gave me a dote and a hug, s

so then i travel to the mystic mew club i think that what it was called, and said my usual words to everyone there, and i met a grandma lalafell, it was fucking adorable, i even said to her that she was adorable, that lalafell gave me a biscuit, and told me about how she heard many stories about me, im like interesting cool and then let,

i then made it to another club but sadly that was closed, so i did some duty finder shit as dragoon, and then i met puriyas alt, and we talked a bit about the 2 mill gill she gave me for a a giveaway, and then she gave me 6 mill so i can do my giveaway and she showed, a sweet spot in old gridana for hiding, ima give away that gil later, she also gave me gil to give to a player named v rah, so i looked for her and gave it to her at the mystic club, she seemed pretty fucking happy to see me, like she was expecting me and bam gave her the gil and told everyone there my words of wholesome stuff,

then i went to muna lisas place, and saw that muna lisa became a furry boy, and opened a sweet cafe with cool toilets, and cakes that could probably be used as a flesh light because of their plastic looking mouths, did i just say a cake could be used as a flesh light, yes i did, whats a flesh light you may ask, you dont wanna look that up trust me, its nasty, unless if your into that sort of shit feel free to look it right up, what ever you may see and experience by looking up a flesh light is not my fault, its yourrrrrrrrssss, saying that so i dont get sued by the imperials

so there i am thinking hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what place shall i do hide and seek for this shit ton of gil, this is legit the most gil i ever had in my life, so yeah i still have a shit ton of gil.

then i went to some clubs did my usual stuff, go around tell people they are worthy

then i went to fairy tail WHEREEEEEE I SEE MY SWEET HEART JARENKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, im like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssss, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm spicy, HEHEHEHEHE, he approached me first and beckoned to me using a emote, to come to him and he gave me a dote, im like IN MY HEAD, JARENKO SENPAI YOU LOVE ME NOW WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, then i said to him thanks for the dote, and now im like huh is jarenko not a cunt anymore, if so fuck yehhhhhhhhhh, i then played a bit of black with nyxn, or was it nyx i kinda forgot sorry nyx dude, so then im in fairy tail and it looked like jarennko wanted to speak with me, but did not have the courage to do so, he hoverd over me and kept looking, im thinking bro is this like a cliche anime high school romance, where 2 people who have feelings for eachother can even fucking confess once, like man that shit makes me pissed, not seeing the main characters confess their love, i then went to teraflare did my words of wholesomeness and called it a day,

yeh thats day one of this dairy

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