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ffxiv dairy 46 taking boo on a tour

okay so today i took my streamer friend boo. on a tour around balmung and the clubs and venues. it was fun i took her to the quick sands and she felt out of place and then took her to the maid cafe and then we had fun there. she was quite surpised since she did not expect this kind of thing in a mmo rpg. so i then took her to tera flare and fairy tail she was kinda lost there and nearly went into the private chambers thank god i stopped her in time. but then we parted ways back to our worlds and it was nice and fun. i then got a message from my friend rhea that i was on a video from her fave streamer which was a huge surprise in first 42 seconds of the video there i am.

i shall give context to why i was there. i did a thing where i would stream snipe twitch streamers playing ffxiv on teh crystal server and i woudl tell the wholesome words, and one of them was jocat. it was neat
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