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Tonberry [Elemental]

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Exploring Eorzea with a Casual Playstyle

Thoon Thoon, an avid player of the popular game Final Fantasy XIV, enjoys exploring the vast world of Eorzea. As a casual player, they find great pleasure in engaging with various types of content, ranging from casual encounters to occasionally venturing into more challenging extreme battles. While Thoon Thoon appreciates the excitement that savage content offers, they often find themselves limited by time constraints, making it difficult to invest the necessary effort to study and conquer these intense encounters. Nonetheless, they have a deep passion for crafting and gathering, delighting in the ability to create and collect valuable resources. Fishing, on the other hand, doesn’t captivate them as much, finding it rather monotonous and less appealing. With a well-rounded approach to Final Fantasy XIV, Thoon Thoon embraces the game’s diverse activities, aiming to experience the best it has to offer within their personal playstyle and preferences.
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Ultra Primarch

Midgardsormr [Aether]

Every development cycle, when all the full-time end-game raiders start complaining about bugs and lack of content, I smile to myself and thank Halone that I too enjoy every aspect of this game. I know that I am a much happier player and experience infinitely less anger and frustration.
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